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Fruit tree fix (v1.16.5)


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Dear Players
v1.16.5, a stable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.

As mentioned, here the stable version of 1.16.5. Only bugfixes in this release.

All updates since 1.16.4

  • Fixed: Should fix some fruit trees never fruiting
  • Fixed: Fruit trees harvestable multiple times
  • Fixed: Worldedit import tool "Replace all" mode did not replace air
  • Fixed: Game crashing when it cannot log to file
  • Fixed: Dressing/Undressing backpacks sometimes not showing the backpack visually on the player
  • Fixed: White storm dust particles that are not supposed to be there
  • Fixed: Oversized poults
  • Fixed: Breaking Ladder did not cascade break the entire stack
  • Fixed: Infinite liquid drinking dupe bug
  • Fixed: Able to add crust on baked pies
  • Fixed: Not able to place filled jugs and bowls
  • Fixed: Itemstack tooltip box some title text got linebreaked unecessarily
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare crash with beds. Might break other things.
  • Fixed: Should fix half generated trader carts
  • Fixed: Breaking damaged refractory brick dropped 3 to 5 bricks, the same amount required to replace them, on average
  • Fixed: Harvesting pomegranate trees dropped breadfruit
  • Fixed: Clicking on the crate in the handbook did not direct to the crate page
  • Api Fixed: Two bugs in OnBlockExploded()
  • Changes since 1.16.5-rc.1
    • Tweak: Added ".clientconfig selectedBlockOutline" to disable the selected block outline renderer, for Mac OS users on M1 chips, so they can verify if that is the cause of the disappearing GUI issue
    • Tweak: Block reinforcement loading errors are now logged into server-debug.txt instead of server-main.txt
    • Fixed: "/group info" not working
    • Fixed: Tiny memory leak with scythes
    • Fixed: Server mod downloader did not distinguish servers by port
    • Fixed: Deleting the serverconfig.json could cause instances where creating a new player group would cause some players to be already in that group
    • Api Tweak: Fix a crash with modded crates
    • Api Fixed: Incorrect lang entries in block info hud for decor blocks
    • Api Fixed: Crash when trying to craft on certain recipes


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Hi, I know this is bug fix release, but maybe lang files could always be updated.

There is lot of texts, that can be translated better. I'm trying to to improve it continuously and it is nice to get it up to date with every release.

Great work btw., I'm always looking forward to see the new version. 👍

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