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First: Vintagestory - even in an early stage - is really really cool and this discussion should produce some ideas to make it even cooler!

The first impression is always important, so I start with my first impressions. Hopefully some of you out there give some comments and and share your first ideas.  :)

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Starting with 1.0.4. (on linux - so maybe in win it feels a bit different):

  • I needed to set the mouse control to max sensitivity. Even with max sensitivity the same mouse stroke that normally moves the mouse cursor from left corner to right corner is not able to produce a 360° turn in Vintagestory. So at least two large mouse strokes a needed to perform such a full turn. Same with looking from up to down.
    Did you made the same experience? For my system I would say the mouse sensitivity should be at least doubled.
  • Vintagecraft has awesome ambient lighting and graphics but currently a bit to silent for my taste. This means not (only) ambient music, but ambient nature sound like wind, water, weather, insects/birds/animals that you don't see but hear them in the forest. I would prefer to have a default peaceful sound atmosphere (harmonic undisturbed nature)
  • For creative, the inventory is not so handy to handle a large variety of blocks. I think for builder it would be cool to have an optimized interface that would allow the base block (brick, stone, soil, wood) to be "mutated" in two dimensions: color and shape (block, slab, stair, etc ..) on the fly (e.g. per keystroke and/or mouse interaction). It would be cool if Vintagestory would be suited for better/faster/easier creative building than minecraft. What do you builders think?
  • Also switching to flying should be easier in creative
  • What about placing blocks in creative? On my (linux) system it seems that the mouse is somehow catched in the inventory mode when I thought it should interact with the the block in front of my feet. Is it the same for you?
  • For me building on a flat world is an option, but not my favorite. Vintagestory worldgen is so awesome and having special tweaks/options to generate custom creative worlds as a background for buildings would be great. I think of worldmap building for multiplayer servers ...

This should be enough to start ...

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Took the freedom to move the topic to the public discussion board, you had it in the buyers only board :-)

  • Yea should be no problem to up the limit on that slider
  • Ambient sounds is actually nearly on the top of my todo list, but I keep doing something else O_O
  • Creative Inventory is actually something i wanted to improve today.
    • Add Tabs
    • Add a context menu for a block where you can select to enforce a block to be placed in a certain ways (e.g. place always upside down stairs). Mutated versions could be added there too potentially
  • Pressing the F3 key not easy enough?
  • Huh? Don't quite understand that one
  • *A lot* of worldgen options are available through editing .json files and I personally dream of a fancy world customizer screen *_*
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My issue with placing blocks: Than maybe a linux specific thing. Could not reproduce it today. I' ll go for a more specific description with screenshots when I'm able to reproduce it.

Switch to flight / mutate blocks: As always a matter of taste. ;) This should be judged by the power builders among us.

  • For me as an occasional builder it would be ideal to have a seamless and intuitive navigation without moving my fingers from the common keys
  • Left hand:  WASD with thumb on Space. So starting to fly like jumping seems intuitive for me (assuming that flight mode is default  for creative).
  • Using the Keys ERFCV is an easy flow. F3 as not so easy to reach would be an option to toggle flight mode comepletely off .
  • Right hand: rotating blocks by mouse wheel could be pretty intuitive. So my idea: key+mouse wheel to change block orientation, key+left mouse button to change shape, key+right mouse button to change color variant (or maybe another way aorund, it has to be play-tested)
  • The creative key could maybe C for Creative/Color/Change (whatever other imagination) or R for Rotate (when separate keys provide a better usability to avoid right mouse button)
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  • 1 year later...


  • Quickly kill the music!
  • I did not focus on food soon enough. 
  • Got 9 copper and split between looking for ore to make it bronze, getting a copper pick, or getting a hoe because you can't farm without metal tools.
  • Ahhh! WOLVES..... trip. Dead
  • The night is so pretty! Look at the fireflies!
  • No shortage of clay.
  • Someone's berry bushes, I should leave those alone.... well maybe just a couple.
  • I hear danger but I do not see the danger.
  • Why is my parkour so bad? I swear I'm better in Minecraft.
  • I can find berries but no nuts.
  • Such small inventory, need to get rid of. . . IT"S ALL IMPORTANT!
  • Town to the SW, oh what a lovely town. *gets ran out of town by angry pig*
  • I claim this mountaintop! Wait crops need water? Nevermind.
  • Showing coordinates caused skipping when walking. 
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