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Remove minecraft diet system

Ambulate In Somnis

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Remove damage from  player when he hungry. Make him slower, make him not support some heavy operations. 
Cause it make player more weak for enemies.

Imagine that the player takes damage but fights the wolf with the same strength, although the muscle strength should not be enough for running around and fighting. The diet should allow the player to stay hungry for a while.

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4 hours ago, Ambulate In Somnis said:

Remove damage from  player when he hungry. Make him slower, make him not support some heavy operations. 

I like this idea.

I would also be happy with a lower damage rate/frequency and a less jarring application of hunger damage.  Right now taking hunger damage often causes me to look around for a drifter throwing rocks before I realize what is happening.

To make hunger worse, have "starving" drop the nutrition bars at an increased rate.  Maybe this already happens and I never noticed.

Slow sapping of health and reduction of maximum health due to shrinking nutrition bars coupled with an "I'm hungry" complaint sound instead of the current damage received action would be great.

This would be similar to how it works in "The Long Dark", and hunger works well in that game.  You take some passive damage slowly and lose benefits of being well fed, but it's not the same as falling or getting hit.  In TLD I think you die from starving in about 4 days, but that is probably too long for VS.

Adding a scaling of running speed based on overall nutrition might be as valuable to a lot of players as scaling health.

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Actually starving should happen if the nutrition bars are low not just because you are hungry, humans can go (and still function) weeks without food (though about 1 involuntary week without food seems often to be enough to consider even cannibalism) and seraphs seem to be stronger than humans.

Hence what about:

A new character starts malnourished (nutrition levels all under 25%), malnourished people experience hunger as less severe, therefore the hunger rate is lowered, at the same time they are kinda weak, HP, damage output and speed at the default value, and at last their digestive tract is underperforming, foods have lower nutritional values.
With the majority of nutrition levels above 50% characters are healthy, slight boni to HP, damage output and speed, hunger rate and nutritional values are on the default.
All nutrition levels reaching 50%, or being healthy with at least one maxed out (over 90% full) nutrition level, makes the character well fed, the digestive tract performs best and as such the nutrition values of any food type not yet maxed out gets a significant boost, but the hunger rate is slightly increased as hunger is felt more intense, additionally to the boni a healthy character gets, a well fed one gets a significant bonus to HP as such a body can take more of a beating.
Maxing out (over 90%) the majority of nutrition levels gets the character's body into peak performance, the boni from healthy and well fed get further increased, but hunger and nutrition values drop faster.

The hunger bar lags behind by a few ingame minutes, eaten foods only add to it with a slight delay, the nutrition state lags behind a full ingame day.
Above 90% filled hunger bar means the character is full, eaten foods have reduced effects.
If it drops below 50% they are peckish, eaten foods are slightly more filling, while having the same nutritional values.
A character becomes hungry when the hunger bar is close to empty (under 25% I'd say), eaten foods are significantly more filling, while having the same nutritional values, additionally the delay before registering the stomach filling is slightly higher.

Characters who are at least well fed and full get a speed debuff as long as they are at full health and a short speed buff when they are hurt by a mob, there is a chance when the speed buff ends that they lose 33% of their hunger bar (stress vomiting) the first time they stop moving for a second IRL.
Those who are hungry and at least healthy burn nutrition which counteracts the hunger rate until they are malnourished.
Only those that are malnourished and hungry are actually starving and after nutrition levels and hunger bar reach zero start to take maxHP damage fast, meaning they don't get damage they could heal but instead the maximum HP gets reduced, I'd say by 25% of the default per ingame day of starvation, to stop starvation at this point they need to reach a hunger level of higher than peckish.

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Those are all really good ideas. The hunger/nutrition states and resulting effects you describe are quite clear (I can almost see the code).  I applaud your ability to highlight the key conditionals in the middle of a description.

I would not want to try to explain that to a new or young player. I'm also not sure if having the hunger bar lag eating would improve gameplay since people seem to be confused by hidden variables or delays.

The idea of caloric intake requirements being higher when well fed or lower while malnourished is great and would probably not even be consciously noticed but would feel correct.

If the nutrition bars gave a more substantial and obvious benefit (max health, healing rate, speed, etc.) and at the same time dropped more quickly when the hunger bar was empty,  people would see an increased value for food. Skipping lunch would not put a normally well fed character in danger (or have the annoying damage sounds), but might undo a day or two of work toward gaining the benefits from improved nutrition.

Just like you said, actual damage (starving) should occur when both the hunger bar and nutrition bars are empty. 

Effectively, I see an opportunity in the nutrition bars as a foodstuff differentiated time integrated hunger bars that give meaningful benefits if high.  The nutrition bars would be what really affects gameplay, while the primary hunger bar indicates your the opportunity to fill them up.

I'm not aiming at high realism here, just gameplay mechanics that give people another thing to strive toward.

Not that I suggest it, but the different nutrition bars could even give different benefits e.g. protein -> bonus health, fruit -> bonus speed.  This verges on "too much of a game mechanic" to me, but some people like that sort of thing and it would encourage a balanced diet. Maybe all nutrition gives bonus health initially and then other different bonuses start above 50% or 75% on a per-bar basis?

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