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How bout some Tea

The Teller

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The idea for Tea would to give some minor buffs, nothing like increased strength or anything outside the realm within of potions. As an example when drinking hot (variant) tea you get a small heating bonus for cold environments.

Another tea related idea would be Herbal teas, one of the ingredients could be Horsetails, which could provide a minor regen bonus.

To get Tea leaves we could use shears on leaf blocks to get a minor amount of leaves along with sticks, or alternatively we could have a separate tree type like the fruit trees. Tea Trees.

In order to get dried tea leaves we could smoke them in a smoking pit or leave them in a bowl out in the sun for a smaller return.

Feel free to provide any more ideas. This was just a thought I had all of a sudden so its not completely fleshed out.  

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I wouldn't mind having tea even if it had no buffs or effects at all.

Just trying teas made from different ingredients would be reward enough. Floral tea, anyone?

(Optionally we could have new crafting recipe for a teapot and cups. Pretty "one use" items, I'll admit.)

Although getting a small warming benefit does make sense.

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