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Offline solo?

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I think you may have to be connected to the internet once at the first start to log in, but I am able to play VS without problems even when completely offline.

Nowadays MC does require you to be connected to the internet on each startup, else I'd be able to still play it after that damn forced migration thing.

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4 hours ago, megavat30 said:

does this game playable solo in offline like MC?

You can absolutely play on your own in a singleplayer world.

The client authenticates itself with a login server at startup. If this login is not provided, the client will not start. So you must launch the client online at least once. No ifs or buts.

However, a successful login is cached by the client. If you start the client without a connection to the internet, and you have previously logged in at least once, then the client will skip the authentication step and let you play.

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