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Shingles (v1.9.11, v1.9.12)

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Dear community,
Version 1.9.11, an stable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

the next major feature release, v1.10, is under development for the past few weeks. Besides some engine upgrades, food spoilage and the new in-barrel crafting mechanic is close to done already, but there's still lots more planned. 

Until then, have a v1.9.11!. It fixes a few rare crashes, adds a few new blocks to survival mode, should improve bow and arrow and I also backported some of the performance improvements. 


[Edit:] Also release v1.9.12 to fix a server exception and all shingle blocks not listed in the handbook!

Game updates

  • Feature: Added shingle blocks crafting to survival mode
  • Feature: New painting titled 'Fish and the Rain'
  • Tweak: Performance Tweaks
    • Perhaps slightly reduced lag spikes while discovering new terrain or while chunks are loading. Running the game with "optimize ram" off uses RAM a bit more liberally to perhaps gain a bit of extra stability. (Technical explanation: increased chunk data cache sizes)
    • Intermittent lag spikes and/or heavy short term ram usage should be slightly reduced (Technical explanation: found and removed a major contributor to short term but rather heavy memory usage)
    • Framerate should now be additionally a bit more stable while VSync is enabled, probably most notable when the CPU is bottlenecked (Technical explanation: disabled Thread.Sleep() from the core game loop to hit target frame rate while in VSync mode)
  • Tweak: Gameplay balancing tweaks
    • Decreased underground ruin spawn and certain ruins rich in loot being too common
    • Bow strength increased by about 15% (arrows shoot further), Increased durability by 33%
  • Tweak: Damage vignetting a bit more flashy
  • Tweak: Placing a knapping surface in water no longer leaves an empty block, the water flows back in now
  • Tweak: Added debug log to track down a crash related to clay forming
  • Tweak: Updated translations
  • Tweak: Updated ruin loot. also fixed some dungeon loot only ever had a stacksize of 1. This was not intentional.
  • Tweak: Added gear and painting category for stack randomizers.
  • Tweak: Improved fox and seraph watering animations
  • Fixed: Arrows hitting a bit more reliably and acting less derpy
  • Fixed: Able to chisel claimed and reinforced blocks
  • Fixed: Might fix some odd rare crash when using a temporal gear
  • Fixed: Should fix getting attacked causing players to get pushed into walls
  • Fixed: Typing .reload crashing the game
  • Fixed: Should fix a rare server side exception (OnGameWorldBeingSaved: System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteException (0x80004005): Library used incorrectly)
  • Fixed: Iron doors not lockable
  • Fixed: Wrong texture scaling on the chisel tool
  • API Fixed: api.Event.PlayerChat - message not modifiable



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Will the next big update including Seasons require me to generate a new world? I would like to keep my 1.9.10 world if possible while still keeping the game updated.

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17 minutes ago, Rhyagelle said:

Getting a new update now but I'm also already excited for the next one. :)

Same. I keep checking every 3-4 days hoping we get some kind of update. Not sure how much longer it will be before they start releasing the next major one. Though I rather see it take longer, than be rushed out to the detriment of the staff.

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