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  1. Day seven hunting for the tin under my base. Even switched to creative to tunnel with my fist. back and forth, up and down 8 block intervals. Nothing??? I'll keep trying. EDIT: OK now I've found it and its a big deposit but that was hard and now I'm out of copper.
  2. This info needs to appear in the propick instructions on both the H information menu and the propick page on the wiki otherwise its unplayable for new players. The hot cold thing dies not work at some low percentages.
  3. Mr Crayfish does good stuff. Does that mean we can get his cars? Please please please. We would have to steampunk them up a little. PS the VSMC wants javaw and the readme is a file format I'm unfamiliar with. What am I missing?
  4. Ah I know how to work that one.
  5. There is a compromise solution available. This creates 3 new blocks per grass & dirt material. For various reasons Minecraft grass and dirt does not have a grass step or grass slab. That was only a choice. One reason Notch made that choice is that plants and water look wrong on them. An algorithm that does a pass on the terrain to swop a grass edge block out for a grass "stair" where there is nothing on the step up and air on one side only. Corner dirt blocks with air on three sides could also get the conversion to a grass slab 50 % of the time. Same with most dirt. This pass only occurs on the first chunk building pass. Lastly if you place a grass or dirt block it gets a 4th block tag or type. Placed grass, placed Dirt. A bit like the minecraft leaves that have a despawning leaf block form and a non despawning hedge block created when you place a leaf. If you break a grass/dirt stair they drop a dirt block. But they may be craft able with a gardening tool. Grass does grow over them but spawns a deep rooted version so it does not look wrong. It may also work for sand. You could also smooth caves with a native rubble stair that is randomly distributed replacing rock steps and drops a random rock type. That would make caves more interesting. Its an option but not urgent. It does add lots of blocks per soil type. Is there a hard limit? What modeling software is recommended for making blocks for VS? What is the block size relative to blender etc?
  6. No cubes would be just the marching tetrahedrons algorithm added to dirt and grass and some rocks. It would work but it does increase surface file size a bit and can be fiddly when messing about with mods, object placement and water. I have alpha tested several game with marching cubes, which has a terrain mesh hole people can glitch though. I have a video on that made while alpha testing Rising world. Marching tetrahedrons algorithm is the fix.
  7. Its not technically a minecraft clone as it is a minecraft fork in the Linux sense. Mojang went with one file format that's incompatible with some of the mods and after a vigorous discussion over fish cakes in Sweden Mojang and Microsoft gave some people permission to take the earlier version and make new games. I don't know if Tyron was in that particular loop but it is why we have so many new voxel games with a minecraft base. The patent on programs lasts fewer years than patents on technology and has expired, so we will see a lot of minecraft clones. My dream is a dedicated limited resource ' skyblock' that starts you off with nothing but useless rock, wind blown resource's and flying mobs. But that's a whole other problem. It could be a mode/ mod here but not yet.
  8. If we want progression and authenticity then we need something more than fishing poles. Its old technology but not how most fishing was done. I'll have to look at the modding tools to see if I can come up with fish traps, Nets and fish wheels. Maybe a few added drops fouling the nets to help out with maps like the one I have that seems to have no limestone or chalk. Does world gen have sea biomes? I have not encountered one.
  9. Yes I've figured that out now. I had tried that but it did not work. I may have had only 9 liters in the bucket. The H menu instructions on making a bucket needs to have the ctl-click to place water instruction. "sprint" is not a useful instruction for new players. ctl or other keyboard alternative; ie mac or Asian keyboards.
  10. Its a bit boring to be just talking about transport mechanics as just Boats, Minecarts and/or Horses. I can see how to do a wagon and steampunk cars, canals and canal barges. etc. Ideally 2 x 2 block vehicles with a component & fuel progression. It would require one that automatically breaks dirt with no drop and fills shallow holes below creating a road. Less minecraft more like steve's carts but simplified and with lots of steam punk brass.
  11. In order to do any automated panning we will more complex water mechanics. So far I can't find a way to move a water source block or fill a deleted water block that's generating a flow. Can I suggest putty or grout? Clay plus oil or fat. It should make 10 units. Place in/ on flowing water to fill get a water source block where placed. This is less useful to trolls wanting to flood your house but allows you to manipulate water were it already exists and fix glitches. I have a great talent for unintentionally putting the watering can down in water creating a flow.
  12. The oldest automated alternative to gold panning is the golden fleece of Greek legend. It was a course sheep or goat hide pegged down in the stream. Heavy grains would be trapped in the wool for later washing out, clay etc is carried through. In game: Two large hides + 4 sticks. Place in flowing water near sand & gravel. Over time it changes colour and saturates. The gravel & sand de spawns in a 3 x3 area. Puck up the fleece and shake out for stacks of loot. It should not catch clay or cogs.
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