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  1. that bug is caused by vanilla. Tyron posted it in the patch notes. Fixed: Snow covered chiseled blocks not exposed to the sky got deleted when the snow melted
  2. i will try to get this in a plan if it will be possible without kill the server
  3. hi @Filip Nowak thanks for your warm words. i am glad that you like it so much. the main problem is, that there is no mass / speed of floating water at now. it only has a liquid level and a floating direction, which are influencing the speed of the waterwheels. so the idea was mine too, but at now not practicable. But may be later, if the waterbehavior get more properties.
  4. @kacka 66 what do you want to say with it ?
  5. Released: Version 1.2.8 fix log spamming while recipe matches
  6. Thanks @Julius van Vern also available in german
  7. i like the idea, but as a modder i want to have multiple version support / list different version to enable / disable, while testing a mod and want to switch back
  8. @DArkHekRoMaNT by watching again and again, i guess you can compare the Percentage identically to the kiloNewton of the Windwill-Rotor. With one point difference: The Windmill-rotor is always showing the information, ignoring the speed. so, the 85% efficency is ingame the same value like 85kN on the Windmill. not exactly, but close.
  9. that was before balancing. Helvehammer have high requirements, i guess. Test it with a windmill to get compareable data. The MaxStrength of 30, 45 and 85 percent are the result of gathering real waterwheel informations and testing / balancing. So you can combine multiple waterwheels, or try a complex transmission. if you want change the default setting, edit the config files, as noted in handbook and in the topic's notes of 3.3.1 /VintagestoryData/ModConfig/medievalexpsion/
  10. Released: Version 1.2.7 Notes see first post
  11. i understand your point. but there is no real power output info on the windmill. That is the power info of the Windmill-Rotor. It's not telling about the speed output to the MP-Network. so what would be a corresponding power for you? Speed 0.85? it would be only a fake information, so efficency is more or less same info. if you have an idea for meaningful information, let me know. i have no idea how to compare that windmill-rotor power info with a waterwheel power. yes
  12. no the waterwheel has a little bit more torque.
  13. as already written: The efficency is a cumulative information of speed shown on the windmill-rotor. So Efficency 100 of a waterwheel would be Speed 1.0 of windmill-rotor. what do you mean with "at what height" ? sorry i don't understand what you want to know. But for the easier way to get argument: Sure, it must be easier to get. but it depends on wind-speed. The waterwheel is more or less a permant energy source. It will get a healthpoint emitter, so you must repair it in future. no it will not get destroyed, will only stop working then.
  14. Gerne, dann viel spass damit.
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