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  1. seems you added same blocks 2 times. so the multiblock has 6 materials, not 3.
  2. the server need the server-side-mod of this Mod. otherwise the settings will have no impact.
  3. it is not planned to add character's information to that ui.
  4. this overlapping text problem is known. i have currently no idea how to solve it with a comfortable ui element. seems there is a bug, but as you describe it happens only "sometimes" and my last tests do not confirm that described bug. when you can find a way to reproduce it reliably, it would help to find the bug.
  5. i am not sure, this information is available. i'll investigate it, when my other progress for medieval expansion is working as i want.
  6. not sure that this would be enough. cause the my code needs to check from class to interface on interaction. and then the primitive survival mod needs to add that interface to lamp-class. so manipulating the assets-json is not enough as i know. but not 100% sure. nevertheless: when i introduce an interface in my mod, the survival mod must known it to implement the interface to its classes. but may be i think to much in classic development here.
  7. this would mean the mods get dependent from one side. or they need a shared interface for that. so not an easy way.
  8. turning chisseled blocks is no function by that mod. turning them: use a chissel and its menu.
  9. yes, that is a possibility. when i can handle it better, i will improve it.
  10. i know this problem. there is no event when selection skipped. so no chance of reacting. either i can let repeat until selection has been done, or i can let give the commener pack once and when u decided for a class you will not get that stuff. double-edged sword.
  11. oh, i thought its clear that interaction is always bind on a selected block (shown in ui).
  12. yes, its working. build lamppost. lantern in right hand (hotbar, not left hand). rmc, lantern connected.
  13. kommazahlen werden nicht genommen. wenn dir 1 zuviel ist, bleibt dir noch die durability vom Waterwheelspin.json (item). durabilityByType: { "*": 6000, } Aber achtung: Der Wert hängt halt am Item, also am Rad das du baust und dann der Konstruktion anfügst. Also einfach nur ändern und dann erwarten dass es tut => nope.
  14. this is an option. if you want do this, you can easily change the waterwheel json in the /assets of mod-zip. attributes: { handbook: { groupBy: ["waterwheelbase-*"] }, damagePerTick : 1, }, change damagePerTick to 0
  15. currently not. and until had bad experience by making a mod-source public access and got reports of "bugs" ... hmm no, i dont have that much time to support bugs by changing my mods. may be i will publish an older source, but currently no plans for that.
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