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  1. I'm going to keep bumping this every time an update comes out without this added. Although at this point I'm not sure if the devs are even looking at this forum, let alone this thread...
  2. I'm bumping this again. Seriously, the overlay is a real problem for me. I'm not asking for it to be removed entirely. I just want a way to turn it off in the options, or mod it out in the jsons. Update after update comes out with loads of notes but no mention of a way to disable this.
  3. It's actually possible to get all your nutritional needs met in the game without hunting/killing animals. The nutritional categories are fruit, vegetable, protein, and grain. Obviously fruit/veg/grain are not animal products, and for protein you can use soybeans.
  4. I think they are supposed to always have a trader, but now and then I find a wagon with no trader. I think it's a bug.
  5. If you're using commands to skip time then it makes sense that things are burning out / rotting faster than you expect. I'm afraid you can't expect things to work normally if you're using commands to change time. Throw the pots/crocks with rotted food in some water and the rot will come out. You can't eat rot, but you can put it in a barrel. Once you have 64, seal the barrel for a while and it'll give you compost, which is a high-quality soil for farming.
  6. I agree that the game is too dark now. In a previous version it was made a lot lighter and brighter and I loved it, but 1.12 dropped it back down. Supposedly we can make it as bright as it used to be with a command, but I haven't been able to find any change in gamma that actually makes the nights any less dark. It's causing me genuine eyestrain at this point. It would be one thing if we could just skip the night but until late game there's usually no choice but to play when it's dark out. I'd like to have it bright again.
  7. That's the whole thing though, it really is about luck. if you look at the replies in this thread that becomes clear. Some players are saying "there isn't enough, I've been searching for hour after hour and found nothing" and other players are saying "it's not that rare, I found loads of it really easily, you must not be looking hard enough." It's not a question of looking hard enough, it's the fact that different worlds have wildly different mineral generations. In some worlds I spawn in a limestone biome. In others I can spend a dozen hours searching and not find a single bit. It's not necessarily that the game needs "more" of these stones, it's just that they need to spawn more consistently in every game world, because right now it seems to be feast or famine.
  8. These aren't bugs. Food spoils at different rates. If it's in your inventory, it may spoil faster or slower than if it's in the game world, depending on the temperature in your area. You can also slow down the spoiling rate by putting it in a clay vessel or in a cellar underground. These mechanics should be explained in the wiki. When you eat a bowl of food, you only eat as much as you need. If there is more in the bowl than you need, the bowl will stay in your inventory with some of the food still in it. Open your inventory and put your mouse over the food to see how much is left. (0.9, 0.5, 0.1 servings, etc). If you eat a prepared meal, your hunger bar will stop going down for a little while. It's to reflect the extra nourishment from cooked food. If you eat a really nutritious meal, you won't have to eat again for a while.
  9. Just a heads up, I wouldn't quite call it a "bug", but when we updated from 1.12.3 to 1.12.6 we started noticing a lot of frame lag on the server, and we've all had similar experiences in single-player worlds. A lot of frame drops, brief freezes, etc. I no longer get the block-breaking lag in my jungle world, which is great, but now the overall frame rate just seems a lot lower. I had assumed it was just me, but when my patrons started making the same complaints, I figured I'd better let you know. For now we'll try lowering our video settings and see if that helps.
  10. Any word on this possibility? I think a lot of us really want a way to turn this off. I had hoped to see something about it in the new version notes but I don't see it.
  11. The issues is that it's fully luck-dependent. Yes, sometimes you just have to explore for a short while to find the stones you need. In some worlds you can wander for 10+ hours and not find it. Making it necessary to explore a bit is great, but it's *too* random, to the point where sometimes it seems like entire worlds can generate with no chalk/limestone. And since it can take a long time to figure out whether you have easy access or not, it gets really frustrating when you realize you've wasted half a real-life day searching for something that simply doesn't exist (speaking from experience). I don't necessarily think it should be in every biome, but there should be a higher chance than there currently is of it spawning in each area, for sure.
  12. I would like that, too. Either a journeymap-style in-game map that records everywhere you've been permanently, or an in-game item that you can craft to make a physical map, would be greatly appreciated.
  13. This has always been a problem, honestly. I've complained about it in the past, spending hour after hour exploring only to come up empty. It's caused me to burn out on the game several times and need a long break before coming back. I believe the developers' solution was to add lime to traders' inventories sometimes. So instead of spending a ridiculous number of hours searching for limestone or chalk, you spend a ridiculous number of hours searching for a commodities trader who has lime in stock and desperately grinding or searching for gears to trade for it. I agree that it should be much more common than it is. I do think limestone is more common now than it once was, but you might still have to search 10,000+ blocks to find it, depending on luck. I do think there are certain types of stone that might have a limestone layer underneath (basalt is one of them for sure, not sure about others). I find it most useful to explore around mountains and cliffs, since you can see "under" the top layers easily since they're sticking out above ground. I don't know if the developers will ever make these stones more common (I doubt it, since most of the changes they make are to make the game grindier and more difficult, not easier), but I think it's possible to manually modify the game files to make them more common, or make them available really cheaply from NPC traders.
  14. Aira

    The goal of the game

    The thing is, it's a sandbox game. By definition, it doesn't have an end goal. You do what you want. That type of gameplay isn't for everyone, but keep in mind that there are many different reasons why people play games. Some people want a goal to work towards. Some people want to master a skill and overcome a challenge. Some people want to collect things. Some people want to explore and discover secrets. And some people just want a fun creative space to build in. All of these gameplay styles are equally valid, and not every game has to offer all of them. I would say that someone who gets bored in a game that requires you to make your own goals probably would be more interested in other types of games. Personally, I enjoy the sandbox nature of the gameplay of VS. I set my own goals and enjoy reaching them, and that's what's best for me. I'm happiest when additions to the game give me more sandbox toys to play with, like new building blocks and automation tools (which are gradually being added), or more ways to make the game feel immersive, like the new weather and smithing systems. I wouldn't be upset if the developer decided to add more goals and quests and such, because it wouldn't do me any harm, but I don't require it, either, and I think they are definitely not obligated to add it. All that said, I don't know if the dev is planning on adding more progression/story-based content or not. If so, cool. But if not, also cool. I think it's important to keep in mind why these games are called "sandbox" games. Kids don't play in a sandbox to win or unlock achievements or complete quests, they play because they want to build a castle or dig a hole or whatever else their imagination can come up with. So if you find yourself becoming bored without preset goals, you might be happier with a different type of game. Anyway, that's just my two cents. I wouldn't mind at all if more progression, goals, and story were added to the game, but I also don't expect it, and I am the type of player that is very happy with a pure sandbox, left to my own devices. It's all relative.
  15. I'd like to second this suggestion. Blood is not for me, and the sudden red flash is very harsh on sensitive eyes.
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