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  1. Aira

    The goal of the game

    The thing is, it's a sandbox game. By definition, it doesn't have an end goal. You do what you want. That type of gameplay isn't for everyone, but keep in mind that there are many different reasons why people play games. Some people want a goal to work towards. Some people want to master a skill and overcome a challenge. Some people want to collect things. Some people want to explore and discover secrets. And some people just want a fun creative space to build in. All of these gameplay styles are equally valid, and not every game has to offer all of them. I would say that someone who gets bored in a game that requires you to make your own goals probably would be more interested in other types of games. Personally, I enjoy the sandbox nature of the gameplay of VS. I set my own goals and enjoy reaching them, and that's what's best for me. I'm happiest when additions to the game give me more sandbox toys to play with, like new building blocks and automation tools (which are gradually being added), or more ways to make the game feel immersive, like the new weather and smithing systems. I wouldn't be upset if the developer decided to add more goals and quests and such, because it wouldn't do me any harm, but I don't require it, either, and I think they are definitely not obligated to add it. All that said, I don't know if the dev is planning on adding more progression/story-based content or not. If so, cool. But if not, also cool. I think it's important to keep in mind why these games are called "sandbox" games. Kids don't play in a sandbox to win or unlock achievements or complete quests, they play because they want to build a castle or dig a hole or whatever else their imagination can come up with. So if you find yourself becoming bored without preset goals, you might be happier with a different type of game. Anyway, that's just my two cents. I wouldn't mind at all if more progression, goals, and story were added to the game, but I also don't expect it, and I am the type of player that is very happy with a pure sandbox, left to my own devices. It's all relative.
  2. I'd like to second this suggestion. Blood is not for me, and the sudden red flash is very harsh on sensitive eyes.
  3. Cool. Thanks for the answer! And that's a tricky problem, good luck with that! I'm sure however you solve it will work fine.
  4. Starting to think about updating to the latest version. Will the mod work on 1.12? Or will I need to hold off on adding it to my server? Thanks!
  5. I didn't change the number of flowers around mine, it just suddenly solved itself. I suspect there's some kind of calculation error in the code somewhere, either for the time remaining or for the display of time remaining.
  6. (Do we not have a post edit button?) Update: the wild hive suddenly fixed itself and went back to "less than a day" then swarmed correctly. So perhaps the bug is just in the displayed time rather than the time calculation itself?
  7. Similar problem here. A friend is running a server for me and my patrons and I found bees, placed the flowers and a skep, and it says the time to swarm is over 400 days. Is this a bug? If so, it would be great to get a confirmation of that. If it's a setting that can be tweaked somewhere, please also let us know so we can actually get bees on the server. (I'm on 1.11.11) Thanks!
  8. Aira

    Ruin Generation?

    Thanks! You'll see in my next video (probably on Monday) that I do actually find a ruin I haven't found before in a snowball world (though unfortunately it still didn't have a basement). It was in an area with a lot of fog, so maybe high humidity causes more/better ruins to spawn? Let me know if you need any more information or help from me on this, and I'll continue keeping track of which ruins I see where. Oh, and I think it's affecting the underground ruins as well - even after going into creative mode with noclip on and searching underground for a while I only found a couple of ruins attached to caves (and a few out in the ether far from any cave). I seem to have found them a lot more often in other worlds.
  9. Aira

    Ruin Generation?

    A little update: I made a hot, humid world as a comparison. I immediately found a huge village ruin with lots of basements, and flying around I found several more. So whether intentionally or not, the climate does seem to affect the ruins. I don't see any way to affect it in the json files though, so if there's a way, I'd appreciate a hand with this. It's kind of sad to just find the same 7 or 8 boring ruins over and over again in my snowball world. Thanks so much!
  10. Aira

    Ruin Generation?

    Are the rules for generating ruins on the map in any way related to temperature or biome? In every world I've ever played before, I found a wide variety of ruins, some of which had basements. In my two snowball worlds, however, I only ever see the same handful of ruins over and over again. None of them have basements, and some of the nicest and most useful ones seem to be completely missing. This is after many hours of play and exploring dozens of thousands of blocks. If they are tied to biomes, is there a way I can adjust that? And if not, any idea what's going on and why none of the good ruins are appearing in my worlds? Thanks!
  11. That did it, thanks! Added it to brick as well. I'll show these off in my next video.
  12. Currently, unless you're doing an extreme challenge like my snowball world, there's basically no challenge to keeping yourself fed. You can find more food than you need by wandering around, then gather seeds and grow more food than you could possibly ever use pretty easily. You can plant a huge farm field, go off on a long trip, and come back to a feast. We also have the watering can, but it's basically useless at the moment. There's no real reason to use it when it's always possible to find plenty of water, even in a desert world, and plant crops alongside it. To make getting and managing food just a little more challenging and meaningful, I'd like to make it so watering your crops every day is the best way to get food. Maybe we could have auto-irrigated soil if it's directly next to water, but not for 3 tiles the way it is now, and tiles irrigated in this way would be called "waterlogged" and crops on them would grow much more slowly. So if someone really doesn't want to deal with watering crops, they can make a long strip of waterlogged soil on either side of a strip of water and grow their crops that way, though it'll take much longer than it currently does. But if you water them by hand once a day, they grow much faster, so you need to balance time you spend getting food with time you spend exploring and such. And having a massive field doesn't just mean infinite food, it means more work, so there's a reason to plant fewer seeds, also making food more valuable. Ideally, you can over-water the soil to make it "waterlogged", then it will decrease to "watered" after a day, then "moist", then "dry". Crops would grow fastest at "watered" level, slow at "waterlogged" and "moist", and not at all at "dry". After 3 days on "dry" soil, they turn "dry" then "withered" then finally dead. If you want to go on a long journey, you can either waterlog the soil and hope you get back before the crops are all dead, or only plant along water and accept the slow growth time, or you can just harvest all the crops first and put them in a cellar, so the food storage becomes really valuable instead of just a place to put all your extra food you'll never eat. This can tie in with weather, as well. If you settle in a rainy area, you won't have to water your crops often. This means rain is an advantage, not just an annoyance. In reality, people settle in rainy areas for just this reason, and deserts are hard to live in. Of course, the difficulty here would be what happens to the crops when you're not there. They shouldn't dry out if you live in a rainy area, just because the area isn't loaded for the rain to occur - maybe the game can assign an average rainfall value for each region and use that to calculate how often it rains when you're not there and apply that to the crops when you return? But of course I don't know how it's coded or how difficult that would be to implement. Essentially, my thought is that I'd like food and growing food to be more important. If you can easily wind up with more food than you'll ever eat, then all these beautiful crop and plant systems that are in place are meaningless within the first few game days. And I'd like for rain to be useful, not just an annoyance that puts out your torches and campfires.
  13. I went ahead and made some textures for bauxite cobblestone and bricks. They're not perfect but they'll do. But I can't figure out how to get them into the game. There is a bauxite texture for each type in the texture folders, lined up with the other stone types. I looked in the blocktypes files and I don't see anything that I would need to change to add the blocks, it seems to just direct to the folder with the textures, where the bauxite textures are. In the grid recipe files for cobble, cobble stairs, slab, etc., I added "bauxite" to the allowedVariants section. But the blocks don't show up in the creative inventory, and I can't make them with a recipe. I'm sure I'm missing something, since I've never modded in a block before. Is there a kind modder out there who will help me figure out what I'm missing? Thanks so much!
  14. It's also useless to do this, as every time I've seen any of these "you can only buy it from another trader" situations, it always costs more to buy the item than you get from selling it.
  15. Awesome, thanks, that's very helpful! By the way, are there restrictions on weather where the crops can grow as well? I'm messing around in a creative test world and I got some cabbage to grow, but the parsnips wouldn't grow at all even after many game days. They're still at stage 1.
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