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  1. I added a #help channel to the discord with instructions for setup of some of the devices. I will look into adding all that to the handbook.
  2. Ooookay 1.1.1 is out, and hopefully fixes the wire issue!
  3. Ah also the generator crash bug is back...because of course it has *bear with me*
  4. Ah yeah wires and junctions are kinda screwed atm - looking into it! You can direct link or use batteries.
  5. Seems to be a bug with wireplates (you could work around with a direct connection or thru batteries or junctions for the moment, just figuring out what's up)
  6. Glad you like it! I need to get off my butt and release the next preview release at least.
  7. 1. This sounds like a bug for sure - unless your firepit is not directly under the generator maybe? (Hoping to streamline a lot of that, especially for the next tech level) 2. For the generator, the active power point will be facing away from you - place it and put forge on other side - under the generator you need to put a firepit and light it when it gets to 900 degrees it should start running (you should hear a little steam sound as it uses water) - over the generator you put a vanilla water barrel with water
  8. I can look at editing the recipes for the sink. You can disable them by removing the recipe. The QPTECH actual tech stuff i've been developing i've been trying to use json files for config stuff. That is a good idea
  9. Yes that is super easy - i will probably up the slot size a bit, just not the spoilage rate
  10. The Cabinets are literally just glorified decor
  11. The thinking it was it's a pretty cheap item, with an icebox for higher end storage. I could increase the slots a bit not sure if i would adjust the storage time. Also Mister Andy Dandy is working hard on an even better kitchen cabinet mod that will be separate from the tech stuff, which looks amazing.
  12. Oh a mining drill Yeah i sort of have that hidden in there already - well a quarrying drill. But it's not sorted out yet.
  13. Electric drills hmm, what would they do? I had thought of a drill press for the machine plates. The QPTECH github should have the api in it. Here is a link the api source: https://github.com/wqpvs/qptech/tree/master/mods-src/qptechapi/src
  14. QPTECH 1.1.0-pre.1 Preview Release is out on the Mod DB https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/321 \o/ Features the new electricity system and various subparts, tools and such to build it. Also will need the QPTECH API Mod (link on the mod db) - currently just a very basic mod with an interface for integrating other mods so they can share electricity.
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