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  1. Hi, I don't know why you wrote that as i didn't follow at all any arguments that may have happened, but anyway, thanks for "introducing" yourself and your mood. Keep it going, the result is quit amazing so far.
  2. Hi, i'd like to join the server, mostly for fun and curiosity, as i usually don't play multiplayer much, beside "real MMORPG". Vintage Story Player name: Yelb Age: 39 Time Zone : France (GMT+2) Do you agree to follow the server rules? Sure.
  3. Thanks for your work, hope you are well, and back to modding. I'm still eager to play this mod as soon as it's updated to 1.8 ! Do you know if it would be days, weeks, more ?
  4. Hi ! Almost, yep. So, can you explain it more ?
  5. Hi ! I was waiting for 1.8 to come back to the game and try a "complete" game with Neolithic Mod. I hope you find time and passion to update it "soon". Cheers
  6. Just to be sure, this mod is to be played with a new world ? If i use it on an already existent game, the result is probably a broken experience, right ?
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