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Temporal Instability above my mine, bug or feature ?

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First of all, I know well that the further down you go, the more unstable you get but that's not the issue.
When I'm close to the entrance or the underground tunnels I've made the temporal indicator is spinning counter-clockwise and I get that ominous ambiant music. The instability only happens above the mine, everywhere else is fine.
The annoying thing is that I've made the mine entrance in my base so I can't hang out too long or my stability will go down.

Is it a feature or a bug ? Do I need to condemn the mine for it to stop or something else ?

Thanks in advance

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I have an observation of at least 5 cases:

whenever you are close to a very large deposit of something worth mining - most probably it will be temporally unstable.

Works for halite and iron for 5 different places in 3 different worlds so far.


Which might be an additional indicator when looking for the deposit.

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