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can hoeing produce item?


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Is there a way to mod something where if you hoe a grass block it has a chance to drop an item? (lets say an item called "top soil")

is there a way to make an item fertilize and have the water effect?

for anyone who hasn't figured out where I'm going with this; I'm wondering if it's possible to make a mod kind of like the minecraft mod where you have a chance to get a worm from hoeing the grass and you can place that worm down and it will irrigate and fertilize a 3x3 around where you place it.

or better yet has someone else already made such a mod? if not is it doable?


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3 hours ago, Sukotto82 said:

...like the minecraft mod where you have a chance to get a worm from hoeing the grass and you can place that worm down and it will irrigate and fertilize a 3x3 around where you place it.

Its exactly the kind of thing I've come to expect from an inferior infantile game, such as minecraft. I mean, really? Worms for irrigation and hydration? I've survived 3 head injuries requiring stitches, 2 of which was a concussion and one of those a skull fracture, and even with all that I think that whoever did that isn't right in the head. It is one of the most immersion breaking nonsense I've ever heard of.

Now, to answer your question: Calling it top soil would be wrong, since that is the very part that grows the crops in the first place. Best case scenario - you get grass stalks to replant them, but since all you need is sunlight to have grass grow naturally, that would kind of be futile.

Considering your rank, I would be right to assume that you're intimately familiar with the game's farming system, including hydration, fertility and soil quality mechanic. I am going to assume that your gripe lies with the fact that you believe that growing crops can be a considerable time investment. That is probably because you lack perspective. Growing crops in Multiplayer is really just a set-and-forget system. If a server runs constantly, you'll find them growing when you're not playing the game at all. You don't even have to bother with higher fertility soils.

Your request is one that really makes no sense whatsoever. Farming is currently one of the most fleshed out mechanics in the game and you're trying to turn it into a ripe mess.

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To ACTUALLY answer your question - yes, if you can dream it up then it can most likely be added to VS, but the things you are describing are mostly beyond the scope of simple json files.  Some C# would be required to pull that off, and if you were thinking about tackling that yourself then there's plenty of examples to look at both on the Anego Studio's GitHub page and over on the ModDB website.

To address some of the other nonsense - I know for a fact that using worms for irrigation, hydration, and soil fertilization is a very real thing.  It's also quite obvious that most every system in VS can benefit from more related content to make it even more immersive - farming is no exception. But If you're ok with the set-and-forget system that VS currently offers, then good on ya.

if you actually have some interest in mucking around in the garden but C# sounds a bit daunting then I've got you somewhat covered - Primitive Survival does indeed have ollas, furrowed land, earthworms, worm grunting, worm castings, and more to come.  Yup, all real life inspired stuff - not MC.   

Although I'd be the first to admit that I'm lazy sometimes and my stuff tends to be pretty OP by default (mostly so there's no confusion about whether it works or not). 

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