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You have opened a Pandora box here.

Not getting any snow - it is about to get to latitudes below 30 ("/wgen pos latitude" command).

Usually 1 degree is ~1k blocks for default worlds. As in real Earth one degree is ~110km.

So if your spawn is at 45deg(temperate), and the world size/distances have default values - it takes ~15k blocks to pass 15 degrees from altitude 45deg to latitude 30deg not to have snow.

15k blocks trip is long enough to encounter slate on the way :)

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Just got around to starting this seed last night. Lots of rough terrain to the south, so end of first day I ended up probably 5000 tiles SE of spawn (not sure -- dead reckoning), but managed 3 (!) linen sacks, 62 copper nuggets, 2 deposits of terra preta, 5-6 resin, 3 marked as they are close enough to bother with if I set up here, which I might because shortly before nightfall, encountered a large wild hive. Nice open medium fertility scrubs (so probably more TP), lots of ponds with reeds, at least 2 clay, one peat, forests visible on most horizons, to the SE might be chalk or limestone mountains, hard to tell, but I can hope. ;) Only thing not to your liking is this particular spot is shale, but, again, a known slate area is less than a day's run to the NW.

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