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a few suggestions


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i vote pemmican and hardtack be added, even if they give little nutritional value, they can be something worth making and easily, carried/stored forever....or at least mannnny years

also stats/skills would be cool, nothing major, even if they gained .1 lvl something like double drops, from farming, mining, scavenger (increased chance to not break stuff), better run speed, change to "evade" attacks....again nothing major, maybe a few percent. even if you have to be bitten or hit for thousands of damage to reach max level

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What the game calls burnt bread is hardtack without salt. Flour, water, cook in a pizza oven. Bread, too. It's all unleavened.

Tallow (the game equivalent is fat) is rare enough in the early game that pemmican isn't very practical. There is no reason drops couldn't be modified, though with the added calories, it becomes even less a survival game and more an activity like Stardew Valley, but with unlimited Stardrops.

Have you checked out mods that do similar things? Primitive Survival, Expanded Foods, and Xskills come to mind, though there are many mods which have their own versions of pemmican. Apart from those big three, I have no idea how many still work. If they were just new items/recipes, I don't see why they wouldn't.

Yes, I know you mean add these things to the base game. It just improves communication if you say something like "I like the way Expanded Foods does dried berries" or "Fishing with weirs and baskets makes more sense than smacking the buggers with a club" or "Something like Xskills that lets you learn other class abilities, albeit at a slower rate" or whatever.

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