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Hey there, really getting into this game after buying it recently and playing a while with friends. I come from modded minecraft, and one mod that really made that game spectacular for me was Distant Horizons, a level of detail mod that creates "fake" chunks outside of your regular render distance so that you can see as far as 200+ chunks away. I was wondering if there is any possibility for something like this on Vintage Story, or if its been discussed or considered before

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Tyron recently posted the following in the discord server.


regarding performance, we just did a massive perf update, so I'd like to focus on game content again. If we decide to focus on GPU bound bottlenecks in the future, I would rather suggest to add better LOD and/or switch to Vulkan. And I wouldn't start on that until late 2025 or even much later, honestly

The net7 switch gave a huge performance boost, for me it was 130% for example, so that's why the main focus will be gameplay rather than performance for the current future.

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On 19/8/2023 at 17:16, woo clap said:

Ehi, mi sto davvero appassionando a questo gioco dopo averlo acquistato di recente e aver giocato un po' con gli amici. Vengo da Minecraft modificato e una mod che ha reso quel gioco davvero spettacolare per me è stata Distant Horizons, una mod di livello di dettaglio che crea blocchi "falsi" al di fuori della normale distanza di rendering in modo da poter vedere fino a oltre 200 blocchi di distanza . Mi chiedevo se esistesse qualche possibilità per qualcosa del genere su Vintage Story, o se fosse stato discusso o preso in considerazione in precedenza

I'm sorry, but at least you don't have a pitiful pc, it seems to me that in many games VS we play with render distances much higher than 200 blocks.
Also unlike Minecraft which is programmed in Java while VS is developed in C# which already makes it much more stable even with greater Render Distances. Which is the same thing that makes the Mincraft Badrock where I played it with 99 chuck render distance and with RTX active.
So at least since you don't have a PC which is a bit old and you haven't bombarded the game with 1600 mods, it seems strange to me that you have frame or render problems. Also with the addition to net7 the overall performance of the game has improved a lot

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2 hours ago, Maelstrom said:

Also consider that VS chunks are 32 blocks making them 4 times bigger than that other block game.

Interesting. So 200 chunks in that other game would be 1600 blocks in this one? Spittin' distance of the 15xx of current max view distance.

Not that you can realistically play at that distance, though that is probably because the textures are so much higher resolution. At least from what I've seen...

Incidentally, in that other game, a chunk is 16x16x(top of world - mantle), right? Is VS the same? The chunk is the entire world height? I suppose it must be. If so, that seems to me to be a place mapgen could economize -- almost none of the terrain below the ground will ever be seen, so why generate it? Follow the caves that open onto the surface, I suppose, but beyond that? Might as well leave it, at least until there's a pro-pick of the block.

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