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Can a macro place a map marker?

Michael Gates
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There are a few very standard map markers I use constantly, stuff like surface copper, pro-pick with no minerals found, a couple other things. I would *like* to be able to put those on a hotkey, but it seems like the macro feature only does the / server commands. IS there a way to set a hotkey for map markers, particular craft or placement recipes (I could totally see "place a grass and four firewood and whack it with a torch")? Are there any server commands that you do... often? I mostly just do configuration stuff, once per game world (temporal storms OFF, pro-pick ON, etc.) Is this feature actually useful for something, or does everybody ignore it?

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As I understand it, macros currently support only keyboard commands. So placing a firepit, no, not that I know of. But you could, for example, have a key that set a waypoint to where you are standing and teleport home. A second hotkey could return you to your "town portal" location. You could set up a "panic" that issues

/gm 2

somewhere convenient enough you might be able to hit it in the middle of a lethal fall, or with a bear in your grill.

No, I don't use anything like that, but I could certainly see it a useful thing to do.

But, yes, map markers are a great use of macros, assuming you are using map. When I do, I use Alt-A/S/D to mark peat, clay and fireclay respectively, using 

/waypoint addati gear ~0 ~0 ~0 true red Peat

etc. I just find it easier to remove the pinned attribute than to scan the map until you find the one you want and click on Pinned. Certainly copper deposits get pinned. Quartz, no. Bees, yes. Something, no, Something!!!!, yes. Hostile Wildlife, no. Domestic Wildlife, no. Etc.

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Here's an example of one I have set up that drops a Lime colored marker on the spot I'm standing at named "?" - I then can open my map and edit it further if I want or just keep going as I just marked a point of interest.


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