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The Food spoil&preserve signpost hotfix #2 (v1.10.0-rc.3)


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Version 1.10.0-rc.3, an unstable release, is now ready for download in the account manager.

This update should (hopefully now for real :D) fix the last issues in v1.10, again assuming this to be the last release candidate before the first stable. I also couldn't help but add a few excellent ideas from the community as well ^_^

[Edit:] Also released rc.4 to fix an issue with the game calendar and to make pro-pick readings more accurate (but may have completely broken it too).


Game updates

  • Feature: Added writable sign posts (suggested by @spacewolfcub), can be written to in the same way as signs, in any of the 8 cardinal/intercardinal directions. Check the handbook on how to craft them.
  • Feature: Olivine can now be smelted into green glass (suggested by @DrTenabrae)
  • Tweak: Players now loose 50% of their nutrients upon death
  • Fixed: Typing < or > in chat displayed as &lt; and &gt; above players heads
  • Fixed: Should fix a crash with the crock
  • Fixed: Several memory leaks
  • Fixed: GL Error being thrown in some cases, crashing the game with gl debug mode on
  • Fixed: Should fix crocks sometimes invisible when placed on shelves
  • Fixed: Calendar not properly stopping on dedicated servers when everybody disconnects
  • Fixed: Maybe actually fixes the translocators not teleporting back \o/
  • API Feature: New server side property for @Melchior: IServerPlayer.LanguageCode
  • API Tweak: Tweak for @Novocains seawater

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