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Vertical and horizontal panels


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After a few hours of pain, I finally figured out how placing panels works. I understood that if I click on the bottom side of the panel, it lays horizontally and if I click on the upper side, it lays vertically.
I'd rather split it into 2 different items, which I could theoretically put into vertical mode and redo back using the wrench.

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On 4/4/2024 at 4:35 AM, Bulteer said:

Are you talking about the half-block slabs of stone or planks?

You can just put them in the crafting grid to cycle them through automatic / vertical only / horizontal only placement.




I'm not OP, but I appreciate that information about putting the block in the crafting grid to set their orientation. Much like matapata I had to experiment to discover that where you place your cursor on the neighboring block dictates how it places. I actually ended up crafting a wrench to change the block orientation before I figured that out.

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