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A little PSA for if your game is bugged or you feel it's unstable.

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My game without mods had invisible fire, items disappearing, items changing into other items, and generally felt like it was running worse than normal.
This sometimes happens when you update instead of reinstalling the new version of the game, to fix this uninstall the game.

If you want to find and keep your save and mod folders, they are located here↓↓↓
put them in another folder on your desktop.

This next step might not be necessary but I did it anyway, let us know if it isn't if you do it 👌🏾; manually delete any left over vintage story folders in appdata and your hard drive for a clean wipe.

reinstall the new version of the game, once this is done go to that desktop folder, then copy and paste the save and mod folders back where you found them.

this should fix the problems you have so long as their not bugs built into the update that will need a later patch.

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FWIW, the first and easiest thing to do before doing a reinstall is to clear the cache. Look for the directory "Cache" in the same folder and just delete it. When you start the game next, it will regenerate the Cache. Sometimes, an updated mod has fluff from the old mod version left over that Cache directory.

I'm not sure why, but my version of 1.19.8 Update did not remove the old 1.18.7 core 3 (Essentials, Survival and Creative). I had to remove those manually. Wonder if there wasn't some glitch there. The update on another computer worked fine, though that was from an earlier 1.19.

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