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[1.11.11] Firearms Mod


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  • The sound is delayed in the video, it sounds better in-game, I promise
  • I got really unlucky with that musket shot. Normally it's pretty accurate at that range.
  • The particle effects have since been updated to look a lot nicer






  1. Find some clay and sculpt a barrel mold and a bullet mold
  2. Cook the barrel mold and bullet mold
  3. Fill them both with any metal and after it's done, you'll get a firearm barrel and 9 bullets
  4. Combine sulphur, charcoal, and saltpeter to make blackpowder
  5. Combine blackpowder and the bullets (or crushed rocks, if you want) to make cartridges
  6. Using the firearm barrel (or multiple if necessary) craft a firearm of your choice
  7. Have fun shooting stuff!


Find the item of your choice in the help menu and it will tell you how to craft it. Keep in mind dud cartridges are unobtainable in survival mode.




  • Added musket, fire lance, stone cartridge, ball cartridge, dud cartridge (creative mode only), bullet, stone fragments, firearm barrel, bullet mold, and barrel mold.
  • Can now craft blasting powder with charcoal, too.
  • Stone cartridge is inaccurate, but cheap and shoots 8 pellets.
  • Ball cartridge is accurate and high-damage, but is harder to craft.
  • Cannot move while reloading a firearm
  • Crouching increases shooting accuracy
  • Movement decreases shooting accuracy
  • Makes you look like a total badass



  • The player will place the crucible instead of filling the barrel mold:
    • Solution: try to block placement while you're filling it up
  • There are no third-person animations for shooting and reloading
    • Maybe I'll add them someday
  • I do not have multiple copies of VintageStory (or friends :() so I could not test the mod in multiplayer. I literally have no idea to what extent this mod functions in multiplayer, in terms of syncing sounds, particles, etc.

The download is attached to this forum post, just drag that file into your mods folder and you're good!

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Unfortunately, neither the forum post nor the download contains any mention of a usage license for the mod's original contents (models and code, specifically). This means that we sadly must assume an "all rights reserved" license. Which in turn means that nobody else is allowed to revive the mod or use its assets in another mod.

Remember, kids: when you put something original that you made on the internet, give it a license! Even if all it does is state that you don't care what others do with your stuff.


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