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Ore Crystals v1.3.6 - Crystal Harvest

Taska Raine

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Ore Crystals

What's that faint glow in the distance...? Is it a way out of this cave? Is it something more sinister?

No. It's strange, crystallized metal growing from this ore... Huh. Maybe those temporal storms we've been having have something to do with it?

Deep down in the depths of the world there are many temporal mysteries. A semi-sentient creature enthroned upon a structure of crystal is one such mysteries. It seems to burst with energy, enriching the local cluster of crystals with new life, causing them to rapidly grow an an unnatural rate. They even seem to have taken over the machinery of the depths, the locusts, infesting them with crystal and somehow influenced them to be their guardians.

It may be dangerous, but perhaps...these 'hearts', and these crystals... will they be useful, in some way?


It is HIGHLY recommended to install this mod on a new world. Also, I'd like to recommend installing my other mod, Item Lights, alongside this mod since Ore Crystals items extensively use that system. It's optional, though.




Ore Crystals - Crystals that grow out the sides of any ore block exposed to air. Their colour and size is dependent upon the ore on which it sits.

Crystal Obelisk - An uncommon 2x2 structure found in the depths of the world. These will generate anywhere that an ore vein has a 2x2 space open to air above it. These are the thrones of the Hearts, and are a source of a new item, a luminous rod.



Crystal Heart - A volatile floating orb of crystal that grows crystals in an area around it. Don't hurt it though...they tend to get quite moody, and the cave you're standing in will quickly become a minefield. Maybe it with you will calm it down?

Crystal Locust - Loyal guardians of the Hearts. These creatures will carelessly sacrifice themselves in an explosion of glass to keep you from approaching its Heart.



Crystalline Glass: Tinted glass for each ore in the game.

Potted Crystal: Any crystal plopped into a flower pot. Acts as a tinted light source similar to the oil lamp.

Crystal Seeds: Seeds that can be used to grow your very own crystals. They must have a Crystal Heart nearby to grow!

Crystal Planter: A larger version of the potted crystal. Combine crystals with ore inside a planter to get a LOT of different, pretty glowing crystal planters to decorate with. 



Crystal Shards: A basic crystal item used for crafting most crystal objects. Harvested from any crystal blocks.

Luminous Rod: A rare crystal item found in large crystals and obelisks. Used for crafting.

Heart Core: The core of a Crystal Heart extracted with a knife. Used to create different variations of Hearts.

Crystal Arrows: A new type of arrow that is used to light up the area. Use it to illuminate a dark cave from a distance, or just use them to attack! They're sharp, dealing lots of damage, but have a high chance of breaking.

Crystal Grenade: A new weapon that uses the volatility of the Crystal Hearts. These will explode and deal significant area damage to anything nearby.


Download Mod

Download the latest version of Ore Crystals for Vintage Story 1.16.0+: Version 1.3.6

To download previous versions of the mod, view version change logs, report issues, or to view the source files, please visit the GitHub: Ore Crystals GitHub


My Other Mods

Ancient Tools: A collection of useful tools from ancient times.

Meteoric Expansion: Introduces streaking meteors to the Vintage Story skies. Variable danger factor.

Item Lights: Gives items the same illumination capabilities as blocks.


Enjoying my mods? Please do consider supporting me on Patreon, it'd be a great help!



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Updated to 1.3.6
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Hmm, looks like this happens when the mod is installed on pre-existing worlds. Is that the situation for you?

I'll see what I can do to fix it, thanks for bringing it to my attention~ 


Edit: I've uploaded a new version(v1.1.1) of the mod here, and on the GitHub that addresses the issue and should fix the world generation issue. It does NOT fix the ? blocks that already exist, though. I'm looking into creating a command or something in a future version to fix that. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.1.1
On 4/9/2020 at 3:51 AM, Kuddel said:

Hey dude, since i have installed your mod, all crystals get these blocktexture, can you fix it please?

I've just uploaded version 1.1.2 that addresses this problem. The crystals should now generate correctly when put into fresh and existing worlds. Additionally, I've written a command, '/cleanworld', that will detect those ? blocks on loaded chunks and will turn them into air. You'll need to save your game and reload the world to see the results. 

Thank you again for bringing this up. Sorry for any inconvenience it caused.

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.1.2

Hey guys! I've just released an update to Ore Crystals that can be downloaded right from the link in the initial post, version 1.2.0.

With this update the crystals have gotten a much needed texture update, and now reflect light and act as a dim light source. 

Additionally, crystals have a chance to drop a new item, Crystal Shards, which can be used to craft crystals of your own to place in the world. They can also be used to craft two new block types, too, such as Crystalline Glass and Potted Crystals. Each block type has a colour variant for every ore in the game. They can really help liven things up! ^.^

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  • 1 month later...
3 hours ago, Stefano Da Giau said:

Does it still work on 1.14? :3 Anyway, used the mod in the last run and it was awesome.

It does, yep!

The only issue I've noticed seems to be in the handbook where the 'Can be used to craft...' icons overflow the UI container. It seeeems to be a base game issue so I'll bring it up with the dev team and see what happens from that.

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Is there a way to make the 'can be used to craft' just cycle through the different pots on each mineral instead of having one of every type show in the handbook?  Like other recipes that can use more than one kind of stone block or metal plate or such.  That may help keep it from overflowing the handbook UI

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.2.1
On 12/12/2020 at 12:22 AM, Lisabet said:

Is there a way to make the 'can be used to craft' just cycle through the different pots on each mineral instead of having one of every type show in the handbook?  Like other recipes that can use more than one kind of stone block or metal plate or such.  That may help keep it from overflowing the handbook UI

This has just been implemented, thank you for the suggestion ^.^

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.2.2
On 1/5/2021 at 8:46 AM, Taska Raine said:

Yep! I've just updated the main post with that information. Awesome idea, thanks.

very cool! thats perfect.  


just a couple thoughts on items you may like btw:

  1. using the crystal panes to make stronger but single hue lanterns
  2. a crystal star made of all the ore gems which you make and then have to "grow" kind of like rock candy, make it by grinding and melting the crystals into a molten goop
    1. tiny ones would make opalescent beads of light that could craft into cool items like carved gems, like a belt, necklace, or sword embellishments to give light or other attributes
    2. small ones are little place-able opalescent lights like a little desk weight, similar to the potted ones, but multicolored shimmer, about like baseball size
    3. medium (softball/grapefruit) could be a lantern like hang-able lantern that tinkles "in the wind" and helps keep away those of the dark
    4. large (basketball) could be made into a flail of light, great against the forces of darkness, or carved into a helmet/mask that allows a clearer and brighter vision of things
    5. huge (full block of spiky crystalness) large super light that holds back aggressive beings and heals/maintains those near it slowly.
      1. each stage would required an influx of materials and a new, harder minigame to grow it without it all breaking.
  3. directional lights that shine brighter longer but only in a small beam/cone of the given color
  4. concentrated crystals/crystal powder/crystal block that you refine from the shards that gives a permanent light source.  the better its made the brighter it is
  5. a way to place tiny crystals on a surface to make constellation roofs and similar things, sort of nightbrite style
  6. destabilized crystal sling bullets, fling them or throw a bigger hand sized version to create a big flash of light that slowly fades in a twinkiling bang and makes creatures pause and run like a flashbang
  7. a crystal powered clockwork pet made based on the locust tech
  8. a sword made of the crystals, possibly Macuahuitl in nature, or maybe like a shark toothed saber in design, one for each ore, then one with the whole assemblage in sort of rainbow-ish order
  9. boomerang... maybe even leaves cool light trails...
  10. tinted glasses, they brighten the world a little and make everything just a little different of a shade
  11. staff that can summon crystal stuff like golems, ground spikes...
  12. some traps made with sharpened crystals or energized crystals
  13. boosted crystals using temporal dust or something to supercharge them
  14. a set of rings with a small aoe effect

again, just some ideas that the crystals inspired for me i thought you may like.

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crystal "laser" lines could be cool too, like tripwires, or signal senders or something, not that there is much currently for them to interact with.  maybe they would give the color's effect to things that pass through them.  or maybe they just are an actual laser and hit things based on how much light you have blasting through the focusing lens (to be fair there could be several versions of lens crafting sa irl they had different versions that got better as the world teched up)


but fun decorations seem almost better than function at times haha


also crystal headdress/antlers...

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3 hours ago, Taska Raine said:

@UGB76765Mostly just wanted to have assets of my own to work with that I could use to expand upon the mod. There's more in the works ^.^

@moraisulYou should be able to get shards just by breaking the crystals with anything. If those were tiny crystals it's quite possible you just got unlucky... the drop chance is very low with those ones

Yes, those were little ones.

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Just want to reiterate that I think using the crystalized versions of ores to display is the better choice. I like them so much that I display them in glass cases with backlit lighting.

Thanks agian for the mod.

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.3.0 - Crystal Harvest

Hey everyone! The Crystal Harvest update is upon us for Ore Crystals, and is ready for Vintage Story 1.15.

This update completely overhauls the harvesting mechanics for Ore Crystals and provides a way to grow them yourself. There are now crystal-based creatures to find, some new world gen, and a handful of new items and blocks to play with. If you want more details, they're hidden in the spoiler of the main post, have a peek there ^.^

Thanks for checking out my mod~

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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.3.1 - Crystal Harvest
  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.3.2 - Crystal Harvest

@Lisabetcame through with some more bug reports that have now been fixed!

Mainly, obelisks can now be broken with chisels as intended, and the crystal planters should be reliably craftable. Note: There's only one recipe detailed in the handbook for them. Due to a limitation I encountered, that has to be the case. When crafted, they will output the correct block, however. The handbook entry should help explain this, it's been improved as well.

Additionally, stack sizes for hearts and grenades have increased and I've made some minor language modifications.

Edited by Taska Raine
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  • Taska Raine changed the title to Ore Crystals v1.3.6 - Crystal Harvest

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