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Settlement in free lands


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Yesterday evening, me and Skodone - the developer of beautiful, award winning stealth game called "Hushed escape", decided to test multiplayer together. Hours passed by playing and we didn't even notice! :D Yes, it was a lot of fun; some moments felt like good old Minecraft alpha times, where surrounded by a bunch of angry mobs, we were forced to dig tunnel downwards for more resources.
Let me share some first pictures of what we accomplished! :x


Our first base became an old ruins in the middle of a lush meadow. Skodone quickly took care basic of repairs!



Food was a bit of a challenge - at some point we were down to eating reeds. However first crops managed to grow just in time. So here is an overview of our very first, slightly chaotic garden by the lake! ^_^



Smithing our first tools and weapons went smooth. except that single occasion when our copper anvil simply disappeared into thin air o.o;




I'm looking forward more adventures soon! :)

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And our journey continues! 

Multiplayer testing and progressing :)

we got Tinbronze now, a decent farm to survive and lots of resources to provide us with everything we need (except chicken... theres no chicken anywhere around, chicken are more rare than gold!)

I made a nice little floor of sand for us and we still have no roof... also the place is getting a bit crowded... may the house need some expansions ! :D 

i also want to build a fence around it to get rid of the nighty drifters and wolves!


also enjoy some 2 player screenshots! me and an (unfotunately) male saraty avatar :P





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