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Claypot cooking overhaul.


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Right now claypot has narrow and low flexible recipe list. Think it be better if current recipes will replace with next system:

1. All recipes needs at least two ingredients from any edible ingredients and water.

2. Ingredients from first slot specifies type of meal:

Meat - Roast

Vegetables - Stew

Water - Soup

Grain - Porridge

Fruit - Dessert

Honey - Jam

3. Secondary ingredients may be any, even if result will be crazy like jam with wolf meat or turnip stew with honey, cranberry and cattail roots. And pure water soup of course. :) Well, this can be fixed with "water can be placed only in first slot".

All this changes make cooking more immersive and intuitive.

P.S. cooking table for create salad and sandwiches will good too.

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I posted this a while back same basic Idea.  I think that the trick is to allow anything in the pot thats edible calculate raw sat values. The difficulty and biggest change to the current model would be to figure out how to provide it with A rendered texture and lable it. 

Just had a thought perhapse in the cooking interface accualy allow the player to create recipies and and select textures to combine and a topping texture like berries or an egg! and then save it so they could load pots from a recipie book assuming they had all ingrdiants on hand.

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There was a mod for minecraft that I really liked. I think it was also a part of the TFC mod anyway it worked as follows.

When you created a new sp world or joined a server you were randomly assigned a flavor or taste profile and it was up to you to discover what you liked and disliked by trial and error.

So you might find that you enjoyed spicy foods or sweet foods and dispised beans or a certain kind of food item. As such you could design dishes that included only ingrediants that your player favored and recieve bonuses based off of the prefered flavor profiles. You could Identify these preferances by the discriptive adjatives added to foods cooked from there on out as you would soon discover that if you included a food item you favored it would add a discription of tasty or yummy to that recipie when you created it or it was in your personal inventory ready to be consumed.

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