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"Over 26 days left before monsters begin to appear"


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Date: 8/29/2020

Server: Multiplayer Survival (LAN > Private Internet)

Server version: 1.13.1 (Stable)

Server Creation & Age: 1.12.14 (Stable), and 10 days into the game.

Mods: Silo, xSkills, Graves

Immediately after remapping the world for the update, this message appears:

"Over 26 days left before monsters begin to appear."

We can't get monsters to spawn. I have tried /worldconfig graceTimer 0 and 1. I have restarted multiple times after using this command both in single and multiplayer. It still continues to maintain 26 days. The value simply will not change (except through spending time in the game). Hovering over the world save shows that its grace timer is set to 1 day (the last value I tried), but the game still wants to take 26 days. I don't think that the mods would interfere with this config issue even if they were removed. Is there another command that I have yet to try? Please help.

Edit: Temporal Storms cause any drifters that spawn to flicker and appear somewhat transparent.

A few other issues: It does not show when it is snowing, but snow simply appears on the ground (Edit: Snowfall appearing now. May have just been the map updating, post-patch). You can also jump over fences if the block you stand on has snow on it. Big Horn Sheep can escape 1-block high fences if there is snow on the ground. The moon shows during the day and either is gone at night or already halfway in the sky as soon as the sun sets. The sun rises in the south and sets in the north.

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On 9/15/2020 at 4:59 AM, Tyron said:

Yes indeed, sorry for the late reply, getting lots of support requests

Gotcha-This save is (quite a few) days after the grace timer issue came up so not exactly sure how much things have changed. My dumb-ness didn't think to grab the log files associated with the play-through that created the issue before we played additional sessions, so I, unfortunately, do not have them. LINK

Don't mind the save name lmao

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