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[1.13.0] ERA of STEEL Phase ZERO (PR)


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Many have contemplated the Riddle of STEEL.

Unlike so many - I have A solution.


Preview-Release for V.S. 1.13.* ~ Version 0.1.2 [PHASE ZERO]

Era of STEEL Preview-Release 0.1.2 (DEBUG)

(code+content mod; install it on Server & Client!)


  • Converting regular smithed Iron products (only some of them!) into a form of STEEL
  • Quenching (Temper-Hardening)
  • Sharpening
  • New Spear tip model, New Sword blade model
  • Steel Mail & Scale
  • Kinda-mostly realistic Steel production process based on actual research & historical facts
  • Steel tools USABLE in standard recipes

[Incomplete things]:

  • Steel arrows...not yet
  • Better process for Quenching/Hardening/Tempering/Normalizing...
  • More tools from steel (setting the 'stage' for more...)
  • Lots more!

[Bugs]: That's a players job to find ūüėĀ

Updates (0.1.2):

  • Fixed Scythe bug






  • I actually wrote something in the handbook (read it?)
  • Be careful with that Carburization-Pack, its fragile!
  • There are "tricks" to it ...certain 'Technique'
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M.b. using a Forge instead a firepit? Also, how about create full ferrous metallurgy with some eras?

For example:

1. Bloomery era -> weak iron, worse than bronze, bellows for bloomery and forge.

2. "Triple Treat" Era -> carbonizing, hardening, temper. Still iron, but slightly better than bronze. This "three treats" can and must be used for any other types of iron and steel.

3. "Stuckofen" era -> iron+pig iron (mostly useless in this era, but can be casted into some useful). Stuckofen demans mechanical power for operations.

4.  "Blauofen" era -> more steel-iron bloom (need many forging, but you can create Damascus/Bulat steel (best steel for weapon) from it or reforge into low-quality wrought iron with lesser working) and pig iron from same quantity of ore. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bulat_steel  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damascus_steel

5. Pig Iron Finering era -> Blast Furnace, finally, creating wrought iron from pig iron. Still worse than steel, but can be "mass" produced unlike damaskus/bulat steel. I think that in game we don't need advance finering metods such puddling and other. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finery_forge

6: Basic Oxigen Steelmaking era -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basic_oxygen_steelmaking Steel! Steel! Steel! Basic steel slighty worse than damascus/bulat for weapons, but can be "mass" produced. With some soft and carbonized wrought iron and many works can be forged into the hi-quality damaskus/bulat.

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