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  1. Excellent work on releasing this stand alone. I'll still be giving Caelum Terras a play through too once I'm done with my world.
  2. To what extent does it do so? I use both mods and I've seen Teleportation structures but also the new ruins from this mod.
  3. I don't know why or how but it's working fine for me now. May have been a conflict. It was weird. I'd place a thatch roof down and only a bounding box would be there but the block ID would say it's from another mod. Then I'd get a crash very shortly after. Whatever it was, it's fine now.
  4. Thank you for the advice, but if I stand in the centre of my base, I can't see all of it because it lies outside of my render distance. For me, destructive just isn't feasible.
  5. I've been using this for near two weeks now in non-destructive to test it and not risk turning on destructive due to my large base and I'm glad I have. I love this mod and it's great visually but I did see a meteor hit my largest castle tower right where my bedroom and some storage is. This isn't a detractor from the mod, my castle and town is just large.
  6. Aw, well thank you for figuring it out and I'll check back here if you find a workaround.
  7. Ah, I think I might know what the issue is then. The mod is loaded. Certain of that. But its a LAN world.
  8. I love this mod but I can't for the life of me get it to work. I assume it's user error but I followed your instructions exactly. The only thing I could think that is preventing it from working is that I am using a temporary free server for mumble since I obviously don't have one of my own. It works the same as normal servers, though so I don't know. The log in Mumble never says that it's connected to Vintage Story.
  9. I'm interested to try this. I hope you're still developing it. We need more mods like this as well.
  10. Woo, VS is officially entering the world gen mod territory. It's 2012 Minecraft all over again and that's great.
  11. Yeah I would really love a config. I love the glowshroom, brayer, and turturs. Really adds life to the game. but the two bug-like mobs are an issue because I play with a insectaphobe.
  12. Thought of a brilliant use case for this mod. I found myself lamenting the lack of something like redstone that could create hidden passages behind doors. But with this you can chisel a panel out of your wall block and it will look seamless.
  13. Hmmmm, not sure if I want to risk it. My base qualifies as a "mega build". Towers also go fairly high.
  14. There seems to be some kind of crash with medieval expansion where the game things that thatched roofs are doors from that mod.
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