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I just took my ingot off the forge and placed it onto the anvil and I got a list of what I could make.


I exited the menu without selecting anything and when I looked at the ingot cause I was gonna turn it to a saw it says Output: Copper arrowhead and I can't change it...


I have to remelt down the ingot to remove the output..

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Playing in creative to learn more about the aspect of the game so i don't ruin my survival world like what to do in a situation and I just learned If your making a tool like a saw and you just about finish but accidentally split a piece you didn't mean to

You have to forge a new piece of ingot and place it on top of the saw and heavy hit it until its all flat and then re-split it all again that is the only fix i could think of.

That or I guess I could re-melt the unfinished saw in a Crucible and then repour into a ingot mold but it seems its faster to just grab another ingot if you have it on hand and heat it up and just spread it  out again.

This game is just so complex but so much fun.

If the developer was ever to read this I'd give this game a 10/10 Its so much more fun then Minecraft ever was.







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Ya I think most people in that situation just re-smelt the workpiece to start over.  But adding another ingot is always an option too.  Hopefully at some point Tyron will get time to fix the escape auto-selecting arrowheads thing - it's been known for a long time, he just hasn't had the time.  It's definitely not a good feeling when it happens.

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I did this with one of my first pieces of steel - I accidentally double-whacked on the final cut for a pickaxe T_T I have other steel, but it wasn't worth it to use an entire bar to fix one voxel. I just kept the incomplete head in a chest in case there's ever an update that lets us get scrap pieces, or get a damaged product from ill-made goods, or even reforge it. There's plenty there to make a knife or chisel.  No holding my breath, it just felt bad to throw it away lol.

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