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Thank you, Devs, and how I found the game


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First, as an FYI to the Vintage Story team/devs, I found Vintage Story through PaulSoaresJr. I figure it's handy to know where user come from, as far as finding a game/app.

Second,  <sarcasm>thanks, thanks a lot </sarcasm>, cause I was just really hunting for a game where I have already died And rage quit many many times before even reaching the copper age. I've never stayed with a game this long after dying so much before really progressing.

Finally, truly thanks (no sarcasm), I've attempted many times to play TerraFirmaCraft but gave up (also before the copper age usually) due to bad spawns (as in nothing but a big gravel island as far as the eye could see) or non-intuitive task requirements. I much prefer this.

Take care,


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I found this game in HUMBLE Bundle store. Then checked some youtube videos and i was hooked on it. It seemed so easy and super fun.
After meeting first wolf and making numerous always braking knifes i was a litlle bit upset. And i think that's the line, where not all of us will continue. Because game is a little bit hard on survival, although there isn't many dangers except wolfs and drifters at night. But i think if we would be left alone in world without our modern society, it would be more hard to survive. :D This game lets you realize that, I so would like a good cellar for myselft IRL now. :D

Now i love this game, and i am progressing little by little during dark autumn evenings. :) 

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