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Change Monster Spawn From Light base to block base.

tony Liberatto

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Since the game is still in early development, I think this is the perfect time to add this change.

The idea is that Monster and any other creatures would only spawn over the naturally generated terrain. In essence, Monsters only spawn over dirt, grass, and raw stone.

Monsters should never spawn over Wood blocks, cobblestone or any other block that the player has made.

My argument is that when the explorer leaves his base to go exploring he should not find it full of Monsters when he returns unless someone broke into it.

Another big argument is for light ambiance. Sometimes the player is trying to create a special place and to have a lot of light just destroys the atmosphere of the place.

This kind of attitude towards Monsters also allows the players to get together and build large towns, knowing that as long as there are walls and gates they are safe inside the town.

PS: Monster should also not spawn over tiled soil, dirt with tree saplings or flowers, this would allow the players to have gardens and farms inside the Town Walls.



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IIRC, there is already a "placed by player" field for each block in the world data (it just isn't used yet), so no need to specify certain kinds of blocks as "natural" and others as "artificial".

Parks could be made from player placed blocks and still look natural, but what if a block is missed? And why make the player take the top layer off a park and replace it just to prevent spawns?

Dungeons are really no problem though, since the game will discriminate "natural" and "player placed" cobble no problem. This would be another use for light suppressing spawns: What if the player rebuilds a ruin? Unless they replace every block it could still spawn monsters without light-based spawn suppression.

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Gladly I still have 5 bits of data available for every block in the world and I already planned to use of of these bits to store a naturally placed yes/no flag :-)
So we can prevent mob spawning on player placed blocks if we want to. What is still missing is a convenient interface to read/write to those 5 bits.

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4 hours ago, tony Liberatto said:

One of the things that makes this idea really necessary is the fact that Monsters spawn over the roof of your House. It is really annoying when you step out of House and the Monsters fall over you.

Which, if we had a greater variety of stepped roofing material, would not happen.  Since as I understand it monsters don't spawn on partial blocks like stairs and half slabs (not contradicting anything Tony, just plugging stair roof blocks)

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