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Blocks, Blocks, and Blocks.

tony Liberatto

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A sandbox game is first and foremost a building game.

Between the many types of players, there are 2 kinds of gameplay that distinguish themselves.

Creative players: They just want to build beautiful and detailed structures that show how creative they are.

Survival players: They just want to build beautiful and detailed structures that show how efficient they are in surviving and collecting resources. 

With that in mind, I would like to suggest that right now the most important thing to be added to the game is as many and as varied possible construction blocks as possible.

Chiseled Blocs.

Brick Blocks.

More wood Blocks.


There are many decorative items that I am sure will be added to the game in future updates. But right now I believe those blocks should be the number one priority to make the game a success.

Please understand that I am a survival player and my bases are usually more utilitarian them anything else. I just see that to have a lot of colored blocks is the essence of a blocky game and the main way to make it appeal to all players.

players complain all the time about the different Minecraft updates, but no one ever complains that there are too many building blocks.

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I am anti-block. Blocks are indeed the worst. They are all cube like with sharp corners and edges. Just thinking about them makes me shudder. I much more prefer being able to gather items with no use. So more things like salt and lead. Maybe wolves could drop eyes and teeth, pigs could drop tails and ears, mountain goats could have horns and tongues, chicken bones and feet. Even plant needs to drop its self or a seed. Players definitely need to drop heads or else no one can be a headhunter. Need musical instruments that play a sound when you swing them. Maybe gemstones that randomly drop from stone and ore to fill up players inventory. Insects items need to drop from dirt blocks. Flowers, lots of flowers. Random boney items. Occasional bird nest dropping when breaking branches. etc. If I can't fill at least 10 chests with random useless junk I can't be happy. 

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I'd add roofing to the important blocks lists.  The game already has wood shingles, just no in-game way to make them.  Add ceramic roof tiles to the list, and players would have much more than the boring old plank and cobble roofs, or straw.  These roof blocks (including straw) should come in all 3 forms (block, slab, stair).  The other stuff is good too, but a variety of roof blocks would, I think, stand out a lot from MC, which does not have such.  I think it's details that go beyond minecraft (like the smoking chimneys) that really help the game stand out. 

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