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Moving spawn point


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There's a discussion on #general about how to move your spawn point. I'm copying it here so no one misses it.


From copygirl


What if you crafted a statue of some sort (out of clay?) that would be destroyed - as in you take its place when you die? If you don't have any left, you respawn at world spawn. If you use CarryCapacity you could move a statue~! It respawns you where you placed it without your items. I wouldn't call it death protection.
You could also move your one-time-use spawn point by building a new statue and breaking the old. 

As for a more permanent spawn point... I wonder if an altar could work. Could be used for multiple people. Requires sacrificing things to "fuel" / "power". Could be food, meals, animals, ...


From me


The second story has a ghost. The first story a woman goes from nothingness to waking up in the world. Then goes into the earth, meets a god, and comes out with courage. Before the copper age you have flint, dry grass, stones, torches, and clay. So lets say spawn is where the lady came into the world. Lets say there's a stack of stone there showing where she died. In the story she comes during the day. So lets say around noon you can take a stone from the pile of rocks (she is giving you her strength). (Then she went and saw a god in the the earth) so you need to make a statue out of  clay.  So give the rock to the statue and that becomes your spawn point(she swore fealty to it. She swore to never forget what the god taught her.)  Lets say for game play purposes that the rocks are bound to player so one player can't fetch a rock for another. Lets say you can't move the statues without breaking them which also breaks the rock and is like breaking your promise to the god. You then have to go get another rock from the pile around noon and repeat the process. The pile will not give you another rock if your statue has not been broken.


from MarckAFK


Also, I'll mention my other idea about spirits or whatever. Maybe a spectral animal follows you around at night sometimes, at an appropriate time it approaches your campfire. Stuff happens. Then you get the recipe to craft a clay copy of that animal which you can fire (very hot for a pretty long time) which sets your spawn. Maybe the campfire is consumed in the process



I was saying if there was going to be an item sacrificed to the statue it should be a drop from drifters to tie it back to the lore.

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I think the question is, is it desired that resetting spawn have a cost each time, or no?  And then, if so, is the cost to be significant?  Clay statue could be significant if it's on the scale of the anvil mold.  But if it's more like a crucible that's not a big cost. 

Many moons ago on discord I suggested a totem pole, that must contain several items.  Possibly including a flint spear, axe, knife, and shovel, and also some hide and/or meat, and vegetables.   The idea was sort of that the player respawns there, and can immediately take some or all of the flint tools to get 'back in the game' (thought he meat and vegetables are consumed on respawn).  I was also suggesting perhaps specific flowers, or just a large group of any of the flowers.  Maybe flowers could even be crafted into decorative garlands that could serve both as part of the totem, but later also as decorative devices.  This would give flowers an actual use.  The overall idea would require the player to sacrifice several flint (which are fairly valuable in the early game, moreso than clay I'd argue) and also defeat an animal, and sacrifice some crops, food also being somewhat valuable early game.  If you want to get serious, the player also has to plant berry bushes around the base of the totem, and they are also consumed.  That disadvantages players in off-biome starts, but on the other hand it's not a great idea to base before you've found berry bushes anyway, currently.

A drifter drop would also be ok, though that would mean they couldn't reset spawn for four days, even though wolves are a day 1 danger.

Crafting recipe for the totem might be 3 logs plus two knives (that are consumed).  The result is a single 3-tall totem object.  Each side of the middle section acts as a tool rack for 1 flint tool, and the player can place the meat and vegetables on top perhaps?  Or maybe the bottom section has a specific area for those.  I'm thinking GUI-less here.

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The main concern for me is that for as long as we do not have a way to set the respawn point the exploring will be very limited. In Single Player we just have to keep generating new worlds till we find one where spawn has the desired characteristics. In Multiplayer where the area around Spawn quickly gets depleted of ores the player has no other option but to venture farther and farther but to have to run 3K every time you die is just no fun at all.

I am in favor of just removing the sleep functionality of the bed and make it work just as a respawn point.

No keep inventory. I actually like the idea of a corpse or grave will all your items. The corpse or grave would be lootable in PVP and not in PVE..

I just think there are so many other areas of the game that need development that I cant see how to justify complicating this feature. 

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A craft-able spawn point is a great idea.  I believe  it should be very simple to craft.  One of the first things I do in MC when creating a new world is explore around, find my spot and set spawn.  There is nothing worse than traveling a couple thousand blocks only to die before reaching that ideal location you found on Amidst.  I believe a craft-able spawn point should be fairly simple.  I really like the idea of the clay statue.   Would be fun to decorate with candles and maybe a stone alter but wouldn't be required. 

The totem pole idea is a great one too.  Filling it with required items to work makes me think that it might make more sense as a beacon like artifact though.  Adding items unlocks perks.  Items can be switched out with other items as you go through the ages, enhancing its power.  

I'd prefer beds to be used as nothing but a way to increase HP.  I remember having to bury myself in the ground in MC to survive the first night.  Having a little hole to peer out of and watching the baddies spawn in the distance and wondering how I was going to deal with them in the morning.  In Starbound, the nights make the world much harder to navigate but sleeping does nothing to speed up time.  It does however recover health points.  

About the grave stones, we already have backpacks and I think that would be a great way to store inventory.  I wrote in an older thread that I thought it silly to have multiple backpacks to increase space when you should have one backpack with craft-able satchels instead.   A simple retexture of a the backpacks or read boxes into satchels would fix it.  That works better with death as well as it would drop one easy to recover backpack.

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8 hours ago, DMKW said:

 I wrote in an older thread that I thought it silly to have multiple backpacks to increase space when you should have one backpack with craft-able satchels instead. 

I think they're just focusing on other content right now.  I can tell you that I have seen the devs suggest that there will be not only more containers, but task-specific containers.  So ore bags that only hold ore, maybe potion satchels that only hold potions, etc.  I love this because it gives the player more choices and tradeoffs to consider.  Use the general purpose containers with less slots?  Or the task-specific ones that only take certain items but have more slots?  This creates variety and player decision-making, which is good for the game.

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Yeah that sounds very interesting.  I'm also a sucker for very rare and hard to craft or lucky to find items like a bag of holding similar to an ender chest.  A bag that holds much more than would be normally possible.  Bags that lead to other plains of existance.  A bag that you could even enter and decorate with a bed and storage, etc.  OP though.  Very OP and would need to ballanced somehow if done

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There is another aspect of any feature of any game: what does it teach player, or push them to do?

It might be not good when most features require player only to hoard some resources, or only explore and gather them. Actually exploring is a very good reason. Hoarding is not.

I like very much redram's idea of making the new spawn point a storage for items you need to go back to the death place and recover lost items.
This teaches to prepare for stuff. I try to do similar things when play, but it would be cool if I would have to do that.

Same about that altar thingie - maybe it could help players, e.g. the ones who builds badly like me, to build more.
E.g a temporary spawn can be simple to craft and only require some basic hoarded resources. Clay, rocks, etc.

But a permanent one or a sophisticated one with ability to kinda teleport between them -
would require to build some specific structure with many elements and decorative blocks.
E.g. the game would just check if such and such blocks and item types in chests or racks (emergency kit, like sword, pickaxe, backpack, ...) are present in some volume and only then allow you to activate the altar.
And if you are lazy - ok, just place them chaotically and feel eternal shame. But if you try to learn - then try to use these limitations to make something great and nicely looking, since you anyway have to build that.

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