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Also would be great if they added carriages that horses could move, so people on multiplayer servers could trade goods with other players that live in areas where there are no such goods and this could bring in economy and RP would become a lot more fun. And so you could not only put chests in a carriage, but players could sit there as well.

Upd: only now noticed that guy above me had this idea as well but anyway only more reasons to add horses & carriages :)

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I really feel the need for horses, since you may need to travel quite a bit to find certain resources.Or even just for faster traveling. There really should be horses. I would also ride a damn domesticated goat just let me travel faster :D 

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Personally hoping we have something other than horses to ride. I mean, I get that horses have been used that way forever and they are a staple item in almost any game of similar world simulation scope as Vintage Story is, but I'm hoping for something more interesting than horses and saddles and such.  Let me throw a saddle blanket and bridle on a ram and ride one of those, or some other large creature unique to Vintage Story.

Or better yet, give us water buffalo or karabao and let us ride those, along with using them to work fields and pull carts and such. ;)




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