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modBooks V1.0.1 - Write books to share with friends, craft paper and make iron ink!


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Latest version, download:  GitHub/modbooks

What to expect:
This mod adds books and paper to write anything to share with your friends and server community featuring VintageStory's VTML parser. Be sure to check out the wiki page on the parser in order to understand all its functions!

Writing will be done via the Book Editor that allows you to add up to 20 pages for books and two for papers. There is an extensive help entry in your survival handbook (default press "h" ingame) to help you on your journey how iron ink, writing tools and books are made.



If you want to write anything you will need to craft various items: pencils, quills and inkwells! But an inkwell is incomplete without first chemically crafting you own iron ink:



Once you have mastered the art of making ink and pencils you can start to make books you like!

Books can be crafted in various colors, so you have some options:



Be sure to make quests and share stories with your friends!

I hope you enjoy this mod, have fun!

Please help me find bugs and report them here! Thanks :)

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