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  1. Just added chiselable glass to the server and instruments! Already have a huge assortment of .abc files so come start a band on your adventures!
  2. But you could combine all the doughs together into a bread dough and all the sushi into 1 or 2 models. a lite form of the mod so to speak
  3. Hey Ardele, I am the owner of the RabbitTech server. I think you will find the server right up your alley. The server is based in US central but even our 10ish Australian players report zero lag. We have a good amount of players on at all times of day or night so there is always someone during your preferred time slot of playing. Our server is built specifically to cater to any kind of player and we have nine themed spawns created by the community of various themes. As far as the mature community, the average age of our players is about 40 and you won't find a nicer group of people (even surpr
  4. @Rhonen Isn't that what compatibility lib is for?
  5. RabbitTech's Easter event has begun! Come hunt some eggs and hang out with us! Eggs! More eggs!
  6. A new shooting range has been built in our East spawn!
  7. It was also a bug from @Hexedian He was saying it crashes sometimes when interacting with the rug too fast.
  8. Bug when accessing the rugs: Version: v1.14.8 (Stable)23/03/2021 11:21:02 AM: Critical error occurred System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowKeyNotFoundException() at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary2.get_Item(TKey key) at Vintagestory.Client.NoObf.ShapeTesselator.TesselateShape(String type, AssetLocation name, CompositeShape compositeShape, MeshData& modeldata, ITexPositionSource texSource, Int32 generalGlowLevel, Byte climateColorMapIndex, Byte seasonColorMapIndex, Nullable1 qua
  9. @Ambulate In SomnisIt's not the mod. This happened to my server at one point. If you install or update any mod from now on, I bet that you will have random blocks change to other blocks. For us we got oak fences turn into iron buckets, coopers reeds turned into trade o mat machines, glacier ice turned into trade o mat carts. Your ModID table is corrupt if that is happening.
  10. Server has 10-20 players at all times almost. Sometimes when we find a corpse it has no player name for it, says exactly this: 's corpse
  11. the returnthings command does not work and all corpses are " 's corpse":
  12. @Thalius is a great community member and this server sounds like a fun unmodded experience!
  13. Still tons of good resources for new players, Come check us out!
  14. @ZigTheHedgehas a mod called survival categories that lets you search the handbook "@[modid] to find all the items from a mod.
  15. I do feel however "what the community wants should be taken with a grain of salt. There are a lot of things the community may not be interested in that would change the game for the better. One instance of this is how combat was not popular but if a proper hunting/tracking system, proper poultices, shields, and GOOD combat were to be added, it would change the game in a more immersive way. Depending on how you guys do it, it could really be a fun change.
  16. Yeah I feel like this is an important feature to have though adding survival categories imo is better. @ZigTheHedgeand I discussed it earlier and you can't really scroll down the handbook tabs. @l33tmaanYour mod is fantastic! Breathes life into all food.
  17. One of our members @Blazing-Man255 created a tutorial for prospecting! Check it out here:
  18. Some new community events are about to release come check out the fun!
  19. Hey everyone! With all the new influx of players I just want to say even though we are an older server, we have a lot of features to help casual and new players have a good experience without hand-outs! You are able to play the game and get the resources you need from the get-go.
  20. @petiteneko Feedback ended up joining the RabbitTech server. We cater to both casual and dedicated players :
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