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Pressure Plates

tony Liberatto

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I would rather see VS follow the line of mechanical rather than electrical. MC had bulky electrical based logic stuff which, for as much as I used it, like most it ended up being giant underground circuits. I'd much rather see a bulky mechanical system than bulky magical electrical based signals. So for instance, if you stepped onto the plate with a level below hooked to a series of pullies that lifted the door up and then let it back down when you got off the plate I'd be okay with that. 



is  a lot more exciting than:


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Gears and shafts replacing redstone and torches would be awesome!

A few "logic" gear boxes, and some kind of linkage rods to allow switches to be a little ways away from the controlled gear box would really be all you would need for a unique and powerful automation system.

You kinda need a way to control power flow anyway, why not make the controller the same thing as the controlled?

EDIT: Obviously this would have to wait for the mechanical power update.

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I always hated the red stone thing, It smelled too much like magic. I would very much like to have a mechanical system for all kinds of automation.

Mechanical power to:

  • Pump Water.
  • Saw wood boards.
  • Elevators.
  • Grind grain and any other resource that needs grinding.
  • Any and all other things one can think about.


In real life I go out of my door in the morning and come back after work, that's it. Twice every 24 hours of real life.

If I have to build and power a huge contraption just to keep my gates close because some other player in the server forgot open and the drifters are getting inside my base area. I will not do it.

This is the p[lace where I draw the line between Realism and gameplay.

I like to fence and gate around my base, I light up the area and like to feel safe at night when working around my base. With that in mind, I also like the idea that if I or someone else is running from a group of wolves they can quickly get inside the fenced area.

there are just too many doors and gates in my base to even consider using a mechanical power just to keep doors closed.

A compromise: What if instead of a pressure plate that automatically opens doors and gates we had a common spring that could be attached to any door or gate?

It would not open automatically, but it would close after a few seconds, just time enough for the player to pass.

It is realistic, simple and elegant. It does not break immersion or gameplay.

Just don't make it too expensive. Have you seen the road from spawn to my house? I would like to spring all those gates.

As long as we have the spring I don't mind a mechanical system that would open my front doors.

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Don't need a spring. Self-closing gates can be done with a pulley, rope, and weight. Attach rope to top of door on the inside, go through pulley on the ceiling, attach weight that doesn't touch the floor when the door is closed. I've even seen one on an inclined plane. When you open the door it lifts up as you push out and then when let go the weight pulls it back down the inclined plane. Good for fence gates.

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that works, I just though the spring would be easier to code, as it does not actually have anymore moving parts, it would just be a small texture where the hinge should be and just some kind of command to close the gate after use. Also, it would not use space other than the already used by the gate or door. 

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