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Maybe I'm just blind or maybe I just haven't hit the appropriate area yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not certain trees spawn in certain biomes or in particular conditions. I've seen maples, oaks, birches, and pines, but I have yet to see acacias, kapoks, or bamboo.

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@Pamela Wild It depends on your world settings. There is a value called "polar-equator distance" (I don't know what it is called in your language, sorry), which usually defaults to something like 50k blocks or even 100k blocks. You can change it to smaller or larger values at world creation, but not for existing worlds.

This value determines the distance between the warmest location and the coldest location.

The game spawns you somewhere in between those two (and in the northern hemisphere, meaning south is warmer), when you create the world. Where that will be depends on what you chose during world creation for "starting climate". It defaults to temperate, which is a northern European kind of latitude. You can select colder or warmer climates, which will change your starting latitude (and therefore, how cose you are to a pole or an equator).

If you are playing on the latest version, you can find your exact latitude by typing '/wgen pos latitude' in ingame chat.


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