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  1. Any idea when you will incorporate the additional fruits from the Plants Expansion mod?
  2. Any idea when we will have the actual recipes for the new woods??
  3. On multiplayer and singleplayer if you try to smash meat with stones, it crashes the game entirely. In multiplayer, it crashed the entire group out. Can only use a wooden mallet....and the durability of the wooden mallets is insanely low. It takes 2 - 3 to do large quantities of meat.
  4. Soooo what has to be baked in the clay oven and what can still be baked in a firepit??
  5. Awesome!!! Thank you. VERY MUCH looking forward to this update!!!
  6. Are you going to update your homepage information when you release the new version? I'm old school and like to print it off and use it to make notes, etc. while playing.
  7. And....can blue cheese be used in the same way/recipes as cheddar cheese?
  8. Can't seem to find the Au Gratin recipe in the handbook. Am I just not looking in the right place?
  9. Pamela Wild

    NO music

    Had to do a complete re-install.
  10. Pamela Wild

    NO music

    So, I've completely lost the music in my game. I'm running 1.14.10, waiting on mods to update, and I have absolutely no game music. I have the sliders turned all the way up and NOTHING.... I have uninstalled, completely wiped out the folders and reinstalled.....and still nothing. Can someone please help?
  11. Which handbook is the recipe for cold pasta in? I found it yesterday, but now I don't remember where it is.....LOL!!
  12. I am playing on v 1.14.10 with several mods, but only one, Auto Map Markers, which affect the map. The map has started not drawing out all the chunk. It is usually in a sort of octagonal shape, but now is only a small square.
  13. Yes, I'm using that now, which is why I asked for a Fridge that would be 2 blocks high with more capacity.
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