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Belts. Quickly replaceable wearable containers.


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When I go exploring, I have one specific set of tools/items in hotbar and inventory contents:  weapons, food, lot of free space.
When go metal working - another: fuel, ores, hammer, fire clay bricks. Maybe in future several hammer types for different operations.
When go mining or prospecting or building mine - another: fences, gates, lanterns, lot of torches, bombs.
Wood farm - another.
With game evolving - other professions will appear and other sets might be needed.

It would be nice to manage inventory quicker, having some sets of tools/inventory, which you can swap quickly.

E.g. the 10 hotbar slots are actually a belt with these slots. You can quickly replace it with another one which is on toolrack.

So your exploration belt is near house main exit door. Your blacksmith belt is in smithy. Wood farming belt - near the house exit towards the tree farm, or at the tree farm.

Same about backpack(s). (E.g. there will be one backpack with additional sections). You can hang it near the belt.

Maybe even when it is on the toolrack it works as a stationary container. Belt also works this way.

So you return from a journey, put newly obtained stuff to storage. Hang the belt and backpack. Go to smithy, put on that belt and backpack, make new tools to replace broken ones, put them into the exploration belt for the next journey.
Hang the blacksmith ones, go to wood farm, replenish wood and charcoal. Take mining belt/pack, go prospect and make a new mine ...

Maybe one backpack is bad because you always need food, so some part of the inventory should be constant. Maybe instead of current 4 equal backpack slots have one slot for a bigger upgradable backpack and one for smaller container, like a food bag.

Would it be a good addition to the gameplay?

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It's a good goal, but I'm not sure how you implement it in a useful and non-confusing way.  Containers aren't part of the scroll bar, so you'd have to like, let the player pick them up and right click on the rack to put them on it.   Also if parts of the hotbar are tied to these containers, you're going to have to start the player with one, because I think limiting the starting inventory any more is unacceptable probably.

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Ya, I think it'd be good if all containers were place-able in world, actually.  They'd contribute to scenery if nothing else.  I could also be a death drop - rather than a bunch of scattered items, your containers would place, and so not despawn.  Harder for belts, scabbards, or bandeliers though I guess.  Also maybe not ideal for hot situations, as then rather than swooping in and grabbing the stuff on pass, you'd have to stop and break them to get them.  Which could be very brief - just one hit - but still may be enough to expose you to more danger.

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