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Starting outfit selection - uncomfortable


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When a player first joins a server they are shown an outfit selection window where they tune the character appearance.

(This is quite comfortable for singleplayer, because of no mobs first 3 days. Tho I didn't know about this detail when I started :) )

It is uneasy/uncomfortable to select it at that time because players don't know if there is any danger around. So some of them try to close the window asap.

Actually it may be even worse - when joining at night (tho sure it's better to wait and start a bit later at day).

Afaik player can re-open the outfit window with C button (not yet described on Wiki probably), but I was told it doesn't allow to change clothes, unless I have found some in dungeons or got by trade from players.

So players don't get a second chance to select their appearance and the first chance is uneasy. So probably lot of people will be running naked or random at best.

Please improve the outfit selection feature.

Maybe keep player in creative while they are in the initial dialog (Stroam). Or open the dialog just before joining server and showing the world.

Sorry if there already is some way to do it comfortably. Please do tell, I'll update Wiki.

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I actually did code it in a way that the player remains in the connecting state as long as he is selecting his initial character and should be untouchable during this state. Have you experienced otherwise?
I should probably communicate that somehow

The initial selection is final because I'd like to make clothes ubiquitous. There should be rare versions that can only be found in ruins/dungeons, some are only purchasable and some are only craftable. All in time :-)

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I haven't experienced any damage, but had no clue I am protected during the selection. So yeah, just some clear indication would be great, even a cheap text one for starters.

The clothes mechanics is awesome, just didn't know I can remove them already and replace and stuff.

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