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Have you ever changed your Field of View graphics setting in your client to zoom in? Yup, that's pretty much all this mod does: it gives you a HotKey to temporarily drop your Field of View to the legal minimum of 20 and halves your mouse sensitivity.

Hold down the HotKey (default Z) to zoom. Release to zoom back out.

Download from https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/233 (Source link available there too)


2021-03-12 — v1.0.4 — JSON config file; mouse smoothing option

2021-03-03 — v1.0.2 — Now works in multiplayer

2021-03-03 — v1.0.0 — Framerate-independent zoom in smoothing, and now also zooming out smoothing

2021-03-03 — v0.1.0 — Initial release


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