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Mod Versioning Numbering.

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Vintage story is a game based on Terrafirmacrfat. Of course, the game is already getting a life of its own and with time will have even more features that are unique to itself.

That said there are a few things that were really good ideas and maybe it would be worth to keep.

TFC had a versioning system for mods and servers.

[GameVersion] Mod name.mod version.zip

Player new that sometimes a mod would still work for a new game version. But it was easy for server managers and players to know if a mod was being updated constantly, and in the case of major game updates if it would still work or we should spect problems. 

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I would personally prefer "Mod name-game.version-mod.version.zip" if the game version would be included at all. Once the API is stable, mods will hopefully be compatible across a large range of versions, anyway. So I hope it will not be necessary. The minimum version requirement will be part of the mod metadata and should in my opinion not be part of the file name.

And just because a mod has not been updated in some time, doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with it. It could just mean that it's stable and finished.

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What tony wants is a way to look at a mod and know if it'll work for X version of the game without trial and error. Even once the API is stable you'll still have that issue of not knowing unless somewhere it states that this mod has been tested on X version of the game and works.

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We should just have the right tools ingame to find out which mods are compatible, and have it be visible wherever you download the mod - eventually an official mod repository! Unless the game / API goes full on SemVer, you'll never really know when an update breaks a mod, only the minimum version requirement.

As an example, I list the game version my mod has been built for in on the release description on GitHub.

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But it does not hurt the mod to have the Game version as the first information on the mod file. If the mod author knows that the file is good and it will work with the new update, it can just rename the file.

Again, I am no coder, but after dealing for some years with hundreds of players anything that makes the life of a server admin easier while dealing with such players is an advantage.

After a while, it gets tiresome to have to answer the same questions over and over from new players.

Any server admin will tell you that he just wants to be able to tell his players - We use these mods, please make sure they are updated to the latest version.

The math here is simple. To have 10 modders inconvenienced a little, by having to make sure their mod works with the latest version of the game and rename it if no change is needed. Or to have to constantly tell the players that yes that old mod version is still good.

It would be first of all an easy way for everyone to know that that specific mod works for that game version. no need to ask anyone, just look at the version number.


Players do not read descriptions, the reason why they click on the wrong download button on adFly.

One more time. It's not me. I can test my mods and make sure they work and at least know what mod is causing problems, even if I cant fix the mod.

But when you dealing with common players is best to avoid things. And just make the experience as pain-free as possible.

Yes, an In-game compatibility system that would look for mods and only allow mods that have been built over a version that works for that client would be great until we have that, I am asking that mod makers please rename their files to reflect the Game version. 

Asking, because I believe is in the interest of all players, but I am just asking if you have another suggestion of how this could be accomplished fast. I am all ears. 

Maybe I am pulling the ideas towards my needs, but it gives me the impression that you are considering only what you believe is better for the modding community.

Let me give you an example of why I do not want different versions for API, Creative and Survival.

When Servers admin creates servers they edit files on the server.  We will create recipes for items that only exist in creative.We will make certain mobs stronger, others week. We will change how ores and resources spawn in the world. Now after all that the Server is expecting the client to log in with some specific files in their game. So even if the server is in Survival mode it depends on items and blocks that only exist in Creative. So if the Developer changed something in creative than that player joining the server would have problems.

Just imagine that any Server in the forum would have to Announce all the 3 versions it is using and the player would have to get them individually and mount them. I just create confusion.

Another reason why many server admins create Modpacks. Because then we can just tell our players make sure you are using X version of the game and unpack this zip file inside your mod folder. And we still had people on the forum asking how to install the mods.

Some people just have no idea about anything, they just want to click and play. 

One more time, I am very grateful for the work you do in creating such wonderful mods. But please consider less tech-savvy players and forum moderators that have to help those people. If, is possible, with small changes, to make their life easier we should all do it. 

Let's just dream and imagine that in the next few months 10,000 copies of the game get sold. can you imagine how many bugs will be posted just because people got incompatible mods?


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Just a question. Who among the Mod creators so strongly disagree with the idea of having the Game Version and mod version on the Zip file name? Who thinks is too much work or not worth?

Maybe I just got spoiled by Terrafirmacraft where it was a Forum requirement for mods and servers to state the Game Version, but common. 

I really do not think I am asking too much.

Just add the game version and mod version to the zip file name.

I am trying to update the server to the latest 1.5.3 and I have no idea what version the Mods are. Why should I need to install each one and test individually?

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Mod version in the name, yes that is a good idea. Game version? No.

This isn't Minecraft, mods don't break every version. As things become more and more and more stable there will be less and less worry about if a mod works with a particular game version.

In short, I will never put the game version in my mod names, and I will never limit my mod to loading on a specific major version.

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Well, I tried. You are completely in your right to name your mods whatever way you want. No one can have a say in that.

But, I do still believe that it is useful for players to have a game version and mod version as part of the zip file name.

Especially because things are still changing a lot, and at least for now those changes require the mods to be updated.



But again peace and love. It's a free world. Even though I disagree with in this instance, I am still very grateful for all the help you have given me. 


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@tony Liberatto Actually, after making those changes, I managed to make things backwards compatible as well. Unfortunately, the changes also brought to light some issues with existing mods (such as two mods using the same IDs) which resulted in crashes where the old version just didn't bother. The backwards compatible code will be removed with 1.6, so only then would the above changes you linked be required.

edit: Additionally, the required version can be found in the modinfo.json file, if the authors bothered including one. It would be nice to easily see this in the mod manager or so.

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