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Tony Liberatto's Mods - Discontinued - Included In The Neolithic Mod

tony Liberatto

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Now Included in The Neolithic Mod:

I decided to have all my mods in one thread, It should be easy for me to manage.

Light Sources:



My first mod. It adds Alternative Light Sources.


The Tallow Candle:



  This block behaves the same way as the regular candle, you can place one or up to 9, the main difference is that it uses Fat, and it cannot be used to make lanterns. In essence, a chip candle to be used as decoration or to light Up a path.

  The recipe to make tallow, 3 fat makes 9 tallow.


The recipe to make the Tallow Candle. A Flax twine on top of tallow.



The Paper Lanter:



This is a stronger Light Source. The fact that it is a block provides for alternatives when building, The light level is 21.


The recipe uses sticks, linen and any Lantern, 

Obs: using a Lining lantern will not result in more Light level, recommended to use the Base Copper lantern for this recipe.





The Glass Lantern:



A brand new Block, the Glass Lantern is a Very powerful light Source. Light level 31, it is recommended for Towers or Light Houses.



It requires a Lantern with a Silver or Gold lining. Glass Blocks and Iron Metal Plates.

Thanks to Balduranne for the shape and  Texture.







Thanks to:

Balduranne for textures and shapes.

Stroam, Tyron and Milo for coding help.



The Bowl Stamp:



Make Clay Bowls really fast.

The idea for this mod was that, if you going to make a few bowls, is Ok to make by hand, but if you going to make a bunch you can just use a stamp.

To be immersive, you have to make a mold, burn it, smelt bronze and pour into it. after that all you need to do is right click with clay to instant create raw bowls.








Cracked Blocks:



The idea for this mod is to be able to build old and decrepit structures. For that feeling of an abandoned building.

It's a working in progress as we are still tweaking the textures, but I decided to make it available to see what the reception would be.







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On 6/3/2018 at 3:22 AM, tony Liberatto said:

New Mod Cracked Blocks, Now with completely new textures, courtesy of Balduranne.

Very cool! Your update posts should totally include a screenshot when it comes with visible changes! (I assume that's for every update though :P)

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