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The Homesteading update (v1.15-rc.1 & rc.2)


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Dear Community
v1.15.0-rc.1, an unstable release, can now be downloaded through the account manager.
[Edit:] Also released rc.2 to fix a major crash with pit kilns and fix double dropping of pies!

As noted in the previous release, we tried our best to follow the theme of homesteading, and although we failed to deliver some of the listed features, we believe we still managed to squeeze a lot of great content in this update. Several of these feature that didn't make it are actually partially complete and we would like to complete some of them in the next major update.

As with the last major update I will only list everything new since pre.1 and then for the first stable release present you with a complete feature list again. But without further ado, here's v1.15-rc.1! 🎉


Known issues that we want to address still:
- Some of the new tree logs are difficult to acquire in bulk
- The new crop death mechanic likely needs to become more predictable for players
- The new Seraph voices are a bit derpy. We still plan to fine tune them or offer alternatives with a more serious tone


Game updates

  • Everything listed in the pre.1 blog post + tons of bugfixes for all the new features
  • Feature: Cave art. You can now use charcoal, chalk, limonite or hematite to draw from a selection of around 30 images.
  • Feature: Added tailor class! Has the ability to craft a better clothing repair item as well as a few clothes. (don't worry, all classes will eventually be able to make clothes)
  • Feature: Added new meal type - scrambled eggs. 2 eggs base, can be garnished with cheese and vegetables
  • Feature: Added bald cypress trees, from which the new cypress wood can be obtained from. They only grow in warm and wet climates and only inside shallow lakes.
  • Feature: Added custom rope ladder behavior. Can only down-stack, but therefore can right click pick up from the top
  • Feature: Added craftable tree seed necklaces. Just grab an acorn and some rope!
  • Feature: Major game mechanic changes
    • All clay products are no longer fireable in the fire pit. They now require a pit kiln
    • The crucible can now only hold small pieces of metal. Full ingots now need to be broken down into bits with a chisel to be placeable in a crucible.
    • Crops with an accumulated heat/cold damage of more than 48 hours will now die. Dead crops will still drop reduced yields and seeds. The accumulated damage slowly fades over time if the growing conditions are normal again.
  • Feature: Updated trader buying/selling lists
    • Fixes several traders no longer buying/selling bread. Many pricings adjusted.
    • The buildmaterials trader now sells quartz pillar, all 4 variants of shingles and wallpapers
    • The clothing trader sells the new sewn clothing
    • The commodities trader now sells alum
    • The foods trader now sells seeds, cheese and soil
    • The furniture trader sells 2 new paintings, iron doors and brass torch holders
    • The treasure hunter and luxuries trader now sells forlorn armor and sword (broken)
    • The survival goods traders now sells long and recurve bows.Fixed: Breaking damaged cropped and then replanting a new crop kept the damage modifier
  • Feature: New Spring themed music track that plays during Spring. This completes our goal of having one special track for each season.
  • Feature: Added ability to split/merge stacks fluently with CTRL+MouseWheel while hovering over a slot
  • Feature: Added a new ore to world generation - Alum. For future dying uses. Several other bits and pieces were added for clothes crafting
  • Feature: New blocks slanted roof ridges
  • Feature: New blocks marble-topped tables
  • Feature: The blackguard class can now craft a Blackguard shortsword
  • Feature: The /emote's wave, nod, rage, shrug, facepalm and laugh now makes the seraph talk in his voice
  • Feature: Added two new paintings.
  • Feature: More tightly integrated chiseled blocks
    • Now have the block sounds of the first used material
    • Now take on the mining speeds and other block material properties of the first used material
    • Now count as valid blocks for rooms, with the following limitations: The inward facing side must be almost solid (less than 20 voxels missing), at least 50% of the blocks volume must be retained, you still need to use the right materials, e.g. stone for cellars.
  • Feature: Limited temporal gear respawns. Respawn points can now expire. Can be configured in the customize world screen. Default settings:
    • Normal Survival and Exploration Mode: Infinite
    • Wilderness survival: 2 times
  • Feature: The players body temperature is now affected by the temperature of consumed meals (meals only right now)
  • Feature: Shingles are now ground storable
  • Feature: Olivine deposits now can also spawn olivine crystal vugs
  • Feature: Added woad flower. Used for blue dye.
  • Feature: Minimalistic ability to share world configurations
    • The edit world screen now has a copy-to-clipboard button to export a world configuration
    • You can now hit CTRL+V in the customize world screen to import a configuration. Does not work on existing worlds.
  • Feature: Replaced a few main menu backgrounds with new, fancier ones
  • Feature: Chandelier updates: Now has a small attachment area for chiseled block attaching. Has a new hit/break sound. Will now fall and kill players if the supporting block is broken.
  • Feature: Improved handbook guidance, such as a page on cheese making
  • Feature: Large troughts can now be filled with most vegetables
  • Feature: New "LodBiasFar" setting in client settings, controls distant rendering of small features e.g. grass
  • Feature/Fixed: Handbook not showing the required tool for obtaining a block/item when breaking a block
  • Tweak: Replaced winter resonance archive track with "The invention" track
  • Tweak: Can now stack pileables (bricks, shingles, planks, etc.) on top of a different material pile
  • Tweak: Replaced borky sun angle simulation with a less borky sun angle simulation (less broken polar days/nights now)
  • Tweak: Flying 30k up into the sky now fades out the atmosphere and fog effects. Space game here we gooooo :D
  • Tweak: Support for keyboard input for switches and buttons
  • Tweak: Nicer snow walking particles
  • Tweak: Cranked up water bioluminescence effect intensity
  • Tweak: Added various missing entries in the hand book (Iron and steel anvils, hardened fire clay, pit kiln and cave art)
  • Tweak: Increase tool durability costs when crafting mechanical blocks
  • Tweak: Reduced hewn fence gate output quantity from 4 to 2
  • Tweak: Speleothems now drop stones when broken.
  • Tweak: Mitigate trees generating in front of trader caravans which made entering impossible
  • Tweak: Haydens music tweaks to cultured tavern and quirky tavern
  • Tweak: Berry bushes will now stop ripening (>30 °C) and also revert its growth (>35 °C) if the temperature is too hot
  • Tweak: Changed default lod bias from 25% to 33%
  • Tweak: Halved grass coverage growth speed
  • Tweak: Block reinforcement tweaks
    • Certain types of blocks (plants, leaves, liquids, sand and gravel) can no longer be reinforced
    • Fixed able to pick up some reinforced blocks
  • Tweak: made "/role [rolename] spawnpoint" easier to use. No longer needs absolute coords can use flexible coords i.e. ~ ~ ~ or =absx =absy =absz or x y z.
  • Tweak: Moved worldgen spawn requirements more towards plains, for grain crops and veggies. Increased reliability of crops spawning
  • Tweak: Added player empty-handed block interact animation/pose
  • Tweak: Increased block breaking time for refractorybrick, but gave pickaxes a miningspeed bonus for ceramic materials
  • Tweak: Remap dialog Create Backup option is now off by default
  • Tweak: Beenades, scrap weapon kits, flint, and most shoes can now be placed on a shelf or in a display case. Time to work on your shoe closet!
  • Tweak: Blackguard armor, Forlorn Hope armor, and the Forlorn Hope Estoc can now be found underground. Broken and damaged variants can be restored via the crafting grid.
  • Tweak: Increased charred bread freshness to near 18 days spoilage time + 2.5 days to rot
  • Tweak: Haybales now required 8 dry grass instead of 6
  • Tweak: Anvils can now be scrapped using any chisel (so long as it has enough remaining durability the same amount as a new chisel of the same material as the anvil)
  • Tweak: Right-click pick-up on loose items (such as sticks and stones) now available if the same item is already held, as well as empty handed
  • Tweak: Developer mode tab is now hidden by default. Developer mode on/off switch now moved to the interface tab
  • Tweak: Added chalk drawing sounds
  • Tweak: Removed lichen and moss covered stone brick and polished stone from creative inventory, these will be removed in v1.16, as they will become obsolete
  • Tweak: Clay item tooltips no longer show firing temperature, but instead show that a Pit kiln is required
  • Tweak: Added multiple keyword search to handbook using " or "
  • Tweak: Liquids that are surrounded by 3 liquid source blocks now also turn into a liquid source block. This should mitigate the forever flowing lakes issues a bit.
  • Tweak: Disabled body cooling from cold meals for now
  • Tweak: Not yet implemented items now removed from handbook and creative inventory: Boiled eggs, raw/cooked/salted fish, pressed mash, juices-, ciderand spirit liquids
  • Tweak: /land info for admins more human readable
  • Tweak: Changes to armor recipes to conform to general ratio of 2/6/3 (head/body/legs).  Chain, scale, and plate costs reduced 10% overall.  Brigandine was already at correct ratio, so did not change.
  • Tweak: The Mudbrick recipes both now accept medium dirt, in addition to low.
  • Fixed: World map player icon too small on 4k screens
  • Fixed: Placing a work item on an anvil with a work item deleted the work item
  • Fixed: Water deleting several blocks without dropping them, such as torch holders
  • Fixed: Mixed berry jam not named as such
  • Fixed: Should fix breaking a pickaxe was autorefilling with a propick
  • Fixed: Vintage meat tp hand transform huge
  • Fixed: Seraph hair no longer clips through hats.
  • Fixed: Removed a couple typos from the long list of clothing.
  • Fixed: Multiple issues with chiseled block rotations and snow covered chiseled block rotations when placed from schematics (e.g. trader carts)
  • Fixed: Ruins and other surface structures sometimes generating floating or inside blocks
  • Fixed: Mitigate distant wildvine flicker a bit
  • Fixed: Deleting a waypoint that overlaps another causes a black square on the screen
  • Fixed: Unintuitive default screenshot capturing settings. Taking a screenshot will now be more "WYSIWYG". Reduced default mega screenshot multiplier from 4 to 2
  • Fixed: Seraph hurt animation not pronounced enough
  • Fixed: Necklaces are now properly visible when held in hand
  • Fixed: Air bubble particles only disappearing in air blocks but e.g. not in grass or waterlily blocks
  • Fixed: Ladder placed based on look direction instead of aimed at face
  • Fixed: Game crashing during smithing, if a metal voxel is at a specific block corner
  • Fixed: Mitigate items forever bouncy when dropped on non-full blocks
  • Fixed: Luxuries trader not telling which lore book he wants to buy
  • Fixed: Server crashing on invalid playerswhitelisted.json
  • Fixed: Chalk cobble skull twice in creative inventory
  • Fixed: Some dialog focusing oddities
  • Fixed: Handbook hotkey 'H' sometimes not opening the currently hovered item/block detail page
  • Fixed: Duplicates in the list of audio output devices
  • Fixed/Tweak: Increased snowaccum robustness against invalid rain height map values, which apparently can happen sometimes
  • Fixed: Trader cart Ladders popping of at the sides of half slabs. Ladders are no attachable to Up/Down halfslabs
  • Fixed: Anvil part dupe bug
  • Fixed: Harvested mushroom still showing harvest interaction help
  • Fixed: Lag when opening certain blocks in the handbook (technical info: Recipes with lots of wildcards no longer resolve into every possible recipe variant, instead the unnamed recipe ingredients cycle through the variants independent from the other ingredients)
  • Fixed: Might fix an incomplete TCP connection attempt to the server locking it up forever
  • Fixed: Baked shingles were bakeable
  • Fixed: Rawhide mantle remapping from 1.14 was the wrong way round
  • Fixed: Consuming a meal in a bowl did not return the bowl if your inventory was completely full (and similar cases)
  • Fixed: Block remapping assistant not applying remappings after performing a backup
  • Fixed: Local players getting kicked from their own servers due to a ping timeout
  • Fixed: Basket in "small-5" caravan outpost crashing the game when opened
  • Fixed: Block dialogs with movable positioning still occupied one of the 6 left/right grid spaces
  • Fixed: Derpy third person hand wobble when the seraph ignites stuff with a torch in hands
  • Fixed: Might fix a crash in ItemOre that Tels experienced
  • Fixed: Handbook section "ingredient for" missing some entries (e.g. on milk portions)
  • Fixed: Trader clothing restock did not avoid duplicates
  • Fixed: Unintuitive "/player privilege" grant behavior. List of granted privs did not exclude denied privileges, grant command did not remove a privilege deny
  • Fixed: Black bronze pulverizer caps shown as tin bronze
  • Fixed: Creatures stuck mid-water when dead. Now they sink to the bottom
  • Fixed: Low chance of fixing black chunks generation issue
  • Fixed: Should fix a client side crash related to the world map (technical info: GameCalendar.YearRel got negative i think?)
  • Fixed: Chiseled block attachable properties not updated when being rotated
  • Fixed: Firepits not ejecting the cooking slot contents when the input slot was exchanged with another item/block
  • Fixed: Water placed by a bucket not spreading
  • Fixed: Dying did not eject the crafting grid inventory contents
  • Fixed: Avoid a crash in 'open to internet', will report as failed now instead
  • Fixed: Creature pathfinding fixes. Should greatly improve chances that hens find their food sources and henboxes
  • Fixed: Placing a block over a snow covered chiseled block did not properly clear snow
  • Fixed: Sealed attribute not removed from crock in some cases
  • Fixed: Deleting a file in assets/game/config/windpatterns crashing the game
  • Fixed: Correct density for Metal parts and Metal scraps
  • Fixed: Should fix game crashing when another player places chiseled blocks or pie in view direction
  • Fixed: Sideways Block physics underwhelming


API Updates since v1.15-pre.1

  • Feature: Added velocity argument to SpawnCubeParticles()
  • Feature: Added ability to make trees generate in 1 or 2 deep water (see bald cypress as example)
  • Feature: Added .svg file loader by Nexrem and Lyrthras
  • Feature: Added random rotation support for decors
  • Feature: Placing decor blocks is now easier to do through world.BlockAccessor.AddDecor
  • Feature: New api method api.Render.Render2DTexture with a MeshRef arg so one can adjust UVs if necessary
  • Feature: Implemented the CompatiblityLib mod by DArkHekRoMaNT into the vanilla game
  • Feature: Added Size3f Collectible.Dimensions property. Added InventoryBase.MaxContentDimensions. If set, will verify if given item fits inside the inventory.
  • Feature: Added .debug normalview. Lets you look at vertex normals and does not discard transparent pixels. That can help figuring out when a model does not render correctly if the model is missing or the texture is missing.
  • Feature: Added CompositeTexture.Alpha lets you change the opacity of a texture in code (still consumes a texture atlas position however).
  • Feature: New callback method Collectible.OnCollected()
  • Feature: scaleAdjust option added to shapes in blockType, itemType and entity JSONs. Default is 0; a negative decimal reduces the rendered size; a positive decimal increases the rendered size
  • Refactor: Move block/dairy and block/meal textures into block/food/dairy and block/food/meal
  • Refactor: Removed InventoryGeneric.IsEmpty there is already InventoryBase.Empty
  • Refactor: all block/items with CombustibleProperties.SmeltingType Fire now require a kiln
  • Refactor:  "selectiveElements" requires full path for each element; element name can end with a wildcard
  • Tweak/fixed: sapi.Event.ChunkColumnUnloaded and sapi.Event.MapRegionUnloaded are now also called on all loaded chunks/regions on server shutdown
  • Tweak: Made generation taming rate configurable for the ai tasks idle, flee and melee tack (name tamingGenerations, default value 10)
  • Tweak: Cave art now implemented through behavior ArtPigment, easy to mod
  • Tweak: Added debug command /debug helddurability [arg] to set the durability of a held item
  • Tweak: New EntityBehaviorMultiplyBase, has the food requirements but not much else; used for egg-layers
  • Fixed: mapregion.SetModdata and mapregion.RemoveModdata now marks the region dirty for saving, so it actually writes those changes to disk
  • Fixed: Incorrect use of ConsumeQuantity property in barrel recipes
  • Fixed: BlockFacing.FromNormal(vec3i) returned wrong values in some cases
  • Fixed: Weird oddities with recipe groups in the handbook, seems to be related on how RichTextComponentBase.MarginTop and .PaddingLeft were handled, not they function a bit more intuitively I hope? might break other stuff.
  • Fixed: block/item/entity json properties code, variantgroups, skipvariants, allowedvariands and enabled were not case insensetive
  • Fixed: Should fix the melee attack and seek entity AI tasks crashing when hunting Entities that are not of type EntityAgent
  • Fixed: Server exception when a json patch did not specify a file


New/Changed since v1.15-pre.12

  • Feature: Handbook additions, including cheese making
  • Feature: Large troughs can be filled with most types of vegetables. Also the tool tip now indicates contents and which animals can eat it
  • Tweak: Certain types of blocks (plants, leaves, liquids, sand and gravel) can no longer be reinforced
  • Tweak: Worldgen spawn requirements more towards plains, for grain crops and veggies. Increased reliability of crops spawning
  • Tweak: Mitigate game server connecting issues (Technical info: Ignore SRV record lookup if it times out)
  • Tweak: Rebuff charred bread - doubled the satiety value and now 1.5 times more stackable (32 => 48)
  • Tweak: Increased seed drop rate from greenspire cypress leaves
  • Tweak: Updated Henbox description in Handbook for clearer info on broody hens
  • Fixed: Able to pick up some reinforced blocks
  • Fixed: Deleting a file in assets/game/config/windpatterns crashing the game
  • Fixed: Certain bowls with meal crashing other players
  • Fixed: Some grid recipes in the handbook no longer showing stack size
  • Fixed: Developer mode tab in settings not hidden
  • Fixed: Text formatting back in /land info
  • Fixed: Forgot to also disable lichen and moss covered polished rock
  • Fixed: Invisible arrowheads
  • Fixed: Correct density for Metal parts and Metal scraps
  • Fixed: A crash when another player places a pie
  • Fixed: Crashing "Create a new world with this world seed" button
  • Fixed: Cooking pots turning into crocks when filling their contents to crocks

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Neat! But what does this mean exactly?


>Tweak: Removed lichen and moss covered stone brick and polished stone from creative inventory, these will be removed in v1.16, as they will become obsolete

Does that mean there are new versions of them coming out to replace them?

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