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New "Potter" class


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1 hour ago, l33tmaan said:

Exclusive recipes are terrible.

You have some other means to get this stuff? I mean it would be great addition to the class system and additional use to the stuff you probably won't get anyway

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Maybe if there were like... recipe scrolls that you can get in ruins or from traders for these exclusive things? That way one could play as a potter to have access to lots of cool pottery stuff right at the start, or play as something else and make it a quest (or just a lucky surprise) to get the rare recipes. Something similar to finding blackguard exclusive gear in loot, but if potters have several exclusive recipes finding one piece of pottery at a time probably wouldn't cut it.

Here's some ideas for potter recipes:

-An improved crucible, maybe heating faster since existing crucibles have plenty of capacity in my experience
-Similarly, an improved cooking pot that cooks meals faster or maybe can hold up to 8 servings (the 6 serving limit kinda annoys me since crocks hold 4, so I might play as a potter just for this!)
-Planters, as noted
-Storage vessels with the capacity of chests
-Teapots that allow making medicinal teas? Maybe a special soothing tea could restore some temporal stability, or healing tea could restore HP, and hot tea could also help guard against freezing.
-To go with that, cups or flasks could hold tea or soup at warm temperatures in the inventory for warming up during the winter.
-Plates and vases, as a decorative thing?

And this one is a little out there but:
-A canopic jar that functions like gravestone mods in minecraft, holding all your items upon death to stop them from de-spawning as a single use item. This is a little powerful compared to the others, but maybe it could be an item that requires both a recipe from loot and a potter to craft it, and take half a stack of clay. I'm envisioning it would work that if it drops from your inventory when you die, it spawns in a canopic jar entity that can be broken to drop your items. It would even be a cool tool for map creators, who could hide graves with interesting items in them or have a cool new kind of storage that also stops the player from putting anything back in and gumming stuff up later.

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A few ideas for it.

  1. Potters use half the clay than normal(they know how to use it efficiently).
  2. Potters gain extra clay from harvesting clay(they can find clay that regular people may miss).
  3. Potters get access to an extra mode to auto-place clay on pottery they are making(they know what they are doing so should be extra fast at it(maybe this could unlock for non-potters after making like 100 clay items)).
  4. Kilns take less materials to fill(they know what spots need more heat than other spots so they use less stuff and do it more efficiently).
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