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Mintphonix: Resurgence - Modpack [Discontinued]


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Welcome to Resurgence!

Focused around the Collaborative Classes mod by CaptainOats, Resurgence encourages players to work together and build a community. Collaborative Classes completely revamps the game's classes, adding certain items that only a specific class can create. Doing this enforces trading and cooperation between fellow server mates.

The modpack also includes XSkills, which goes hand-in-hand with Collaborative Classes. With this mod, players can further engage themselves in their professions, or even double up! With these mods, including many others, we've created something that is fit for bringing together a community.


As of October of 2021, this modpack is no longer being updated. Feel free to continue to use it, though there will not be anyone continuing to keep it up to date.



Official Mintphonix Discord server - > https://discord.gg/sZv4hjg2Cz


Mod List

  • Ancient Tools
  • Backpack Standard
  • Better Crates
  • Carry Capacity
  • Collaborative Classes
  • Extra Chests
  • HUD Clock
  • Instruments
  • Medieval Expansion
  • Ore Crystals
  • Players Corpse
  • Pols Server Utilities
  • Primitive Survival
  • Survival Categories
  • Trade o' Mat
  • Volumetric Shading
  • Wild Farming
  • Workbench Expansion
  • World Config GUI
    • GUI Composite Settings Ex
  • XLib
  • XSkills
  • XoberaxBlood

*All mods belong to their owners, I take no credit for any of them


Modpack Versions

Resurgence v1.0


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Modpack discontinued
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