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shrubbery foliage


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In VS, the current bushes are made from tree leaves. I think this is some that ought to change.

  • First, it reminds me of Minecraft which Vintage Story is trying to differentiate itself from.
  • Second, it seems temporary. Like a feature that hasn't been added yet because of time constraints.
  • Third, you shouldn't get tree drops like saplings from bushes.
  • Fourth, it's a missed opportunity.

What do I mean by missed opportunity? It's a way to add more depth into the game through visual graphics, through climate indicators, threw hunting and foraging mechanics. Wouldn't it be awesome if approaching a bush an animal jump out of it and ran providing hunting and trapping opportunities?  Wouldn't it be awesome to search in bushes and find nests with eggs? Sure tree could have nests with eggs but that doesn't do the player any good because it's difficult to reach those nests and you can't climb trees(Future idea in progress). It'd be awesome for animals to use such foliage for cover. Maybe it slows you down(because it's spikey and hurts you or just reduces your speed)but doesn't slow small game down making it a perfect strategy for the animals to dart in and out of them. 


Now there's tons of shrubbery out there and it's difficult to pick which ones should be put in the game. We are also all biased toward local shrubbery. So I would like to hear if you think VS should have actual bushes and what types. Some bushes that spring to my mind are

  • holly - Christmas plant good place for animals to hide, spikey.
  • hawthorn - could be like berry bushes and used in traditional medicine a favorite of birds due to the thorns 
  • hazel - large shrub with edible nuts used by Celts.
  • juniper - used in alcohols. prickly making good place for animals.
  • mulberry - paves way for silk
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6 hours ago, redram said:

Just saying, the general notion of SMP needs was discussed awhile back, in fair depth.  One-time rope locks would be pretty harsh in the current game, given how long it takes to build up any rope at all.   Lot of resources for a 1-time use.

You are right about the repeat in topic so I changed it.

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Ya I agree that the current 'bushes' feel very placeholder.  Jungles especially could use more vegetative variety.  Sumac might be a good one, for arid plains.  Creosote bush for desert (could have medicinal properties).  Fountain Plant/coral bush would be neat as a bush that doesn't have typical round leaves, but more a spray of stems.

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