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Preservation Mod- Long-term food storage


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Adds two new food preserving blocks for long term food storage. They require no maintenance and will always work at their full potential and will only be affected by regional food spoilage rates, great for dedicated servers.

The two new containers are:

Ice Box- Preserves food at the following rates:

  • Vegetables-50% slower decay
  • Grains-75% slower decay
  • Fruits-75% slower decay
  • Proteins-50% slower decay
  • Dairy-75% slower decay

Salt Box- Preserves food at the following rates:

  • Vegetables-75% slower decay
  • Grains-50% slower decay
  • Fruits-50% slower decay
  • Proteins-75% slower decay
  • Dairy-50% slower decay

Each box has 8 slots, the same as the basket.

The best food storage in vanilla being the clay storage vessel, only has a reduced rate of 75% vegetables, and 50% for grains

The decay values can be improved further by putting the blocks in a cellar, food items with no category currently decay at their standard rate.

Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon

Includes sounds, animations and custom models for the blocks:





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