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Am I the only one that has huge lag spikes?

David Petersen

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I'm having lots of lag spikes, mostly while exploring, but also while in my main area.

I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this issue and maybe found a fix for it?!

Here are my specs;

OS - Linux Mint

Processor - Intel© Pentium© CPU G4560 @ 3.50GHz × 2

Memory - 8gb

Graphics - NVIDIA Corporation GP107 [GeForce GTX 1050 Ti]

I know my computer isn't the best, but I was able to play Rust while it was still being supported for Linux, so I find it strange that the performance is so bad in a game like Vintage Story.



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If I had to guess I would say it is your RAM. I started a new world and Vintage Story was using up about 2GB on its own. After running around a little it took up 3GB, so I can imagine it taking more with a more explored world. If you have other programs running I can see you running low on RAM and the computer would have to save to the HDD/SSD which takes a lot longer to do than for RAM. The lag spikes are probably from the game trying to generate new land or updating the weather history. New land should be generated while exploring but your main area would still need weather updates.

I would recommend closing any other programs you have running or upgrading your RAM to 16GB. 16GB of RAM is pretty cheap nowadays, you could probably get it for less than $50. Just do your homework first as they are not all compatible.

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Hi thank you for your reply.

If I had to beef up my pc for better performance for Vintage story, I would agree that adding another block of RAM would probably be a good idea. However, the minimum specs required for the game is 4GB, so 8 should do without any major lag spikes.

It may be that I just need a better computer, but I find it odd that I can play the minecraft modpack "feed the beast" fine until midgame and that modpack requires a lot of ram to function.

I also find it odd that the lag seems to be the same no matter what graphics settings I use.

I'm not convinced that it is a hardware issue, I was hoping someone else had, had the same issues as me and maybe found a solution for it.

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This is typically a system RAM or VRAM issue.

Once you encounter regular lag spikes in the game, go into your video settings, and select the "absolute minimum" preset. Play a few minutes, see if it makes a difference.

If yes, go to the next preset. Trial it. Rinse and repeat until you notice lag spikes again. Then check what changed between the last presets you tried. Perhaps that setting will be the one that troubles your system. Or, it might just be the sum of all settings.

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