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What is wrong with this greenhouse?


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As title suggests, so what is the problem?

The problem is that the greenhouse buff is not stable, it fluctuates in and out of existence. maybe any of you folks know why.

I have checked the design thorougly, there are six chiseled blocks total, none of them are part of the main structure (the 6 stair blocks on top are chisled but thats it, it used to have more but this was all interior design stuff.)

Within the spoiler is a screenshot of practically every angle of the greenhouse.




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The upcoming 1.15.6 patch fixes bugs in the room registry system, which greenhouses use. There's a release candidate build up right now if you want to test it. But, of course, it's always safer to wait for the stable release, especially where existing worlds are concerned.

Not saying that the patch will be guaranteed to fix your issues, but it's probably best to not bash your head against it right now and give it a few more days.

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I have some problems with my greenhouse too atm in my single player world. Some blocks show buff, some don't. I am thinking i have built it on edge of a loaded game chunk, thus game sees it as incomplete acording to each of those seperate chunks. But i have to check that somehow.:)

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I use this pattern: 
7x7 roof made by slabs, walls of full blocks. Double dors each side, so i can easy multiply my grennhouses.
Any problems with +5 degree temperature bonus.

Only problem i have its with moisture. In past croops need at least 50% ( penality under 50, no bunus above ), now with 100% moisture croops have 120% growth speed. Plants in middle circle growth a bit slower, so i must live with that, or use watering can :P.

on sheme:
brown - soil
blue -water
dark blue lines - walls
red lines - doors
yellow - soil with low moisture level


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